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Happy New Year, happy new update! I decided that I'd start this year by heading back over to Veronaville and playing the rest of the Capp clan.

So according to the wiki, Regan and Cornwall are not in love and never have been and have a low relationship with each other, suggesting their marriage was an arranged one. Happily, they've decided to make the best of things and I don't even finish makeovers before they start sucking face.

The household live in one of those lots in Veronaville that have two buildings. I converted them into apartments and their neighbour turned out to be that guy Cyd Roseland brought home from work that one time.

Cassandra came home with someone, I forget who. Probably Kent, he's in the Science career path.

Later that evening, Oberon Gossamer invited them Downtown... along with the Monty's. Bloody fairy mischief makers.

Oberon: So, how about Isabella, hmm?
Kent: It's taking all my resolve not to throw my coffee in her face.

Alexandra: Hey, remember that time you linked my coat recolour to a different mesh because you couldn't be bothered to add the extra group in SimPE? You might want to fix that.
Whoops, OK, I'll get right on that.

Cornwall got promoted, while a chance card said Kent had been fired, so it was actually a relief to see he'd only been demoted.

Kent: Boo hoo, it's still humiliating though.

Your apartment is barely bigger than a shoebox, where do you think you're going to put those?
Cornwall: In my inventory?
Hmm. I'll think about it.

I decided that as they didn't even have a sofa yet, they couldn't really afford to waste cash on hobby benches. So I sent Cornwall to SIMKEA and wound up splurging on random stuff because that store is my biggest weakness.

Regan: Oh well, our bedroom looks much nicer now we have some decor in it.

Cornwall: Let's celebrate!

Marcel Jocque came home with someone and spent the entire evening farting around on the swings.
Kent: I alraedy told you, I'm not gonna push you.

The household hang out around their new TV.

Hahahahaha no. You can't fit one of those in your inventory.

Regan: Oooh! I just got fat.
No, you just got pregnant. And it'd better just be one. Not that you actually have any room for it.

Look at these little turds, blissfully unaware of the havoc they've caused me.

Regan needs creativity points. I usually buy easels, but the first few paintings are always crap and everyone cries when their paintings sell for $1, so I decided to buy a synth instead.

Jessica: Wouldn't it be more fun to play with someone else?
Regan: Probably, but there's no space for another chair.

Regan: Single dust ring!
I made up for it with a double border! (Oops.)

I decided this one meant she wanted a baby shower, so I invited over the family.

Ahhh! I don't remember if I've ever had a roof raiser before, it's always so rare!

Missing morphs. I can't get too mad about it, I don't add pregmorphs to separates either because they're a PITA to test.

Not that it'll be an issue for much longer anyway because it's BABY TIME!

Regan: It's a girl! Yay!
It's a single birth! Yay!

Meet Martha Capp, the first baby in my game to rock my new baby defaults. She even matches her crib bedding.

As they have a litter of children of their own, Cornwall invited Albany and Goneril over to help out with the new baby.

I hit "greet everyone" and this fucking dog immediately ran inside and tried to destroy the place.

Promo spam.

I think a game must have been on because everyone then gathered around the TV and cheered.

Not too many pictures of Martha so far. She's pretty chill and just sleeps and eats and poops quietly.

Oh, you want to be friends with John? OK, that's cool. Huh. I wonder why he has pink hair?


Well, shortly after that, my game crashed and I posted on Tumblr. Pretty sure it was graphics shenanigans and I haven't had it happen since I added my graphics card to Video Cards.sgr, so hopefully that fixed it. Next time I loaded, everything was back to being pretty and Cornwall was blowing raspberries on his daughter's belly. Aww.

But time flies and now it's Martha's birthday.

Cornwall: Happy Birthday!
Kent: TOOT!

And the week ends with immediate toddler training.

To the next Capp household! Albany wants three of his children to graduate college, which is great because he already has four, so they won't need to make any more, right?

Albany and Goneril: Lol no fuck you.
That better not be baby chimes I just heard.

I had to sell the wallpaper to afford a potty so Ariel could be potty trained.

Desdemona: It's my first day of school and I rocked!

Thank goodness for bunkbeds. This house is tiny. On the bright side, that means it didn't take much money to re-wallpaper the place.

More toddler training.

Goneril: Ow, I ache all over.

Adorable Ariel spam.

Not-so-adorable Goneril morning sickness spam.

Goneril: Gasp! Invisible baby bump!

Timothy Riley came home with someone and spent a few hours watching TV with Albany.

Albany is very vain and spends all his free time gazing at himself in the mirror.
Albany: I'm just wondering where my hat went.
Oh. OK.

Almost all my hats are now jewellery, so I had to send Albany out shopping to buy one. They can't really afford it, but he didn't look right without a hat.

Desdemona: Hi, miss Monty! Now I've greeted you, could you not kick over our bin today?

Sisterly dancing.

A manly game of punch-me.


Baby bump.

Miranda: That's nice and all, but check out my report card.

Albany needed a logic point and they can't afford a chess board, so I sent him to the library.

Miranda tagged along too and met Tara DeBateau.
Miranda: I like your dress. I had one just like it.

Back home, it was time for Ariel's birthday.
Albany: WOO!
Miranda: Could you keep it down? I'm trying to work here.

Goneril: ARGH!
Miranda: I SAID, I'm trying to work!



Goneril: Look, you can see all your different baby defaults now.
I would've been quite happy to see them over a longer period of time.

Miranda: Help, I'm trapped.
Anyway, this is three of the four babies. All of them are girls and I gave them Shakespearian names. They're Nerissa, Hermione, Rosalind and Phoebe. Don't ask me which is which right now.

You must be joking. You don't have space for the four you just had and you want two more?

Thankfully, it's also Hal's birthday, so he'll be able to help with the babies soon..

He was joined by Justin Kim and Sahira Patel, aka 'plague-child'.

Sahira: I brought you a present! HACK HACK COUGH.
Thanks, Sahira, just what I've always wanted.

The shower broke and Albany almost drowned trying to fix it.

Goneril: HA. We fenced the bin in.
Bianca: Like I give a fuck.

Birthday, birthday, birthdays all round.

Loren Tricou came home with someone and stuck around for the quad's birthdays. As you can see, they've all been excellently cared for.

Albany: Mmmm, smell that baby poop.

First up is Rosalind OH MY GOD SHE'S HIDEOUS.
Rosalind: See you in your dreams, sweet overlord.

And this one isn't much better.
Nerissa: Boo.

Phoebe, on the other hand, is rather adorable.

As is Hermione.
Hermione: Worship me, mother.

That weekend, I sent the family to the pool over in Strangetown.

Family bonding. It still weirds me out slightly how flirty it looks when you're offering to buy coffee for another sim.

I sent the family to the library next and Ariel flaked out and fell asleep in the secret room.

Later on, it was Desdemona's birthday.

And she winds up the week with some toddler training. Believe it or not, but the quads actually finished the round with all their toddler skills except the nursery rhyme.

Next time - the rest of the Monty clan.

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