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Welcome back to The Global Legacy! Last time, Lithuania died, all my moochers got old and the lot got so glitchy, everyone had to move.

Aww, look at Latvia, sleeping soundly. I hope he's enjoying it because it's the last sleep he'll get this week. The challenge rolled last week was for the youngest sim on the lot to be plagued by a nightmare monster that is in no way based on a popular horror movie character and Latvia is the unlucky sim. Which means that for the first time in God knows how long, I'm actually working to keep a sim alive.

These two feral idiots on the other hand can just drop dead already.

The endless fighting was getting boring, so I sent everyone on a hike to try and make them friends. (Spoiler: it didn't work.)

I also made them fish for several hours for the same reason. (Spoiler: still didn't work.)

After a while, it started getting dark and Latvia began a long week of caffeine-induced insomnia.

As he has to stay awake for the next seven days, I decided he might as well make good use of all his spare time and ask Canada out on a date. Yes, Canada swept the heir poll, leaving everyone else in his dust and gets the honour of being the next spouse. Yay!

The option to propose wasn't coming up, and I didn't really want to risk Latvia falling asleep without any backup, so I had him ask Canada to move in.
Canada: If I say yes, will you let me use the shower?

France: Out of my way! I just got struck by lightning and I really need to pee!

Latvia: Sorry, the toilet's already in use.

It took a lot of "swim here" and "go there", but I eventually managed to get the pair of them onto the pool island for a very special moment.

Latvia: I know this is sudden, but will you marry me?
Canada: Oh my! Of course I will.

And they immediately ran upstairs and had celebration sex while I watched to make sure Latvia didn't fall asleep afterwards.

So... I was messing around with the weather controller and saw an option for "rocks fall, everyone dies." And I thought it might be entertaining to try it.

France: This wasn't one of your better ideas.
Oh I don't know, it's pretty fun-wait, what's all that screaming?

Ah. It would appear that being indoors does not protect you from a fiery rain of death. Whoops.

Wow, that text string really wasn't kidding! Um, pretend you never saw that, OK?
*exits without saving*

I think from now on I'll just make everyone cloud watch and hope something else drops out of the sky to kill them.

Canada: Wouldn't you prefer a milkshake or something instead of all that espresso? You've been getting very twitchy.
Latvia: No, I need it or Kreggie Fruger will get me.
And to think all this time he thought it was just me he had to worry about.

Speaking of which, it's time you two got married before something happens to Latvia.

Latvia: I promise before God and his witnesses-wait, where is everyone?
Canada: Who cares? Let's do this before they come back and ruin everything by fighting.

Russia: I love weddings.
How can you see what's going on from out here?
Russia: I can't. That's why I like it, I don't have to look at them rubbing in the fact that I'll probably die alone.

They went to the pub for the reception and I discovered I haven't given it a makeover since I sorted my walls and floors. Ew.

More coffee?
Latvia: More coffee.

Hi Liet! Good to see you.
Lithuania: Did my husband just marry someone else!?
Yes, because you are dead and he is alone. Do you want him to be alone forever?
Lithuania: YES.

Meanwhile Ireland amused himself by wandering around and acting out his death all over again.

England: Ooh, Ireland, over here! It's me, England!
Ireland: Ugh, that fucking guy. I'm gonna kill him.
England: Eee, I'm so excited, I've always wanted to see a ghost!
He's not lying, he's had the "see a ghost" want locked pretty much ever since he moved in.
Ireland: Oh he has, has he? Well FUCK YOU, I'm going to float over here and pretend to die again instead.

Heir portrait time!

Hmm, I might redo Latvia's. The lighting looks odd compared to the others.

Canada: No problem, I'll get right on that.

Hmm. I dunno, now he looks smaller than everyone else. (Spoiler: this will not be a problem for long.)

Canada is a popularity sim and is always wanting to throw a party, so as his aspiration was kind of low, I went ahead and invited all the nations in the phonebook over.



More cuties.

Awesome cuties.

Woo, go me!

Aaaaand then this happened just as I hit save. Fuckity fuck balls wank. Shit.

If you follow my Tumblr or read my uberhood updates, you'll know this also happened with the Capp family. I thought I'd fixed it by adding my graphics card to the Video Cards.sgr file, but apparently not. So I updated my graphics drivers and installed a Windows update which was supposed to update DirectX, but which left me with an 800x600 screen resolution, no shadows and no smooth edges, so I am never updating Windows again. Then I found out there was a line of code I was supposed to delete in the Graphics Rules.sgr, which I did. It seems to have fixed the pink flashing, but the lot crashed whenever I tried to load it. Other lots in the hood worked fine, so I figured the lot was corrupted. I didn't want to move everyone out and lose the graves and the paintings, so you can imagine my relief when I looked at my most recent backup and discovered it was from the beginning of the week and I'd only really lost about three days of game play. So I used a Day Setter mod to move things along by three days and teleported Canada over to be moved in again.

Canada: So how about it, wanna get married again?
Latvia: You want me to what? Who are you?
Canada: D:

Lithuania: Waaaaait a second, did you sell my bed!?
Yeah, the old lot was all glitchy, plus I had to upgrade it for the comfort challenge.

China: Did you sell the toilet too!?
Oh, yeah. It got autosold when you all moved. You don't mind, do you?

China: Just for that, I'm gonna kill this guy.
Latvia: Eek!

Aaaand apparently the motive drop was enough to send him scurrying to the sofa for a nap. Now, my personal rules for this challenge are that I can't cancel the sleep interaction or order him to wake up and I can only tell people to turn on noisy items that are already in the room. No buying a new stereo if he falls asleep in the bathroom or something.

Happily Seychelles was willing to come and watch some TV.
Latvia: Ugh, what's all the racket?
Seychelles: Oh, did I wake you? Sorry.
Don't apologise, Seychelles. You just saved his life.

His near death experience seems to have changed his attitude towards Canada and I immediately order him to propose.
Canada: I don't know what to say.
Latvia: How about 'yes'? I hear that's a good response.
Canada: ...

Canada: Ugh, alright, I guess.
Butler: Really? After the way he rejected you?
Nobody asked you.

I couldn't be bothered trekking over to the church again, so they got married right there and then at the top of the stairs.

You lot still alive then?

Greece, my darling founder! Help me out, would you, and off a couple of those guys?
Greece: You let me get hit on the head by a sack of money, I ain't doing shit for you.
Ugh, I swear I must have the most non-murderous legacy ghosts in history. Someone's going to have to smash your urns or something.

Latvia decided to spend his night of insomnia at the literature hobby lot, talking about books.
Hobby Guy: So what's your thoughts on JK Rowling saying Harry and Hermione should've ended up together?
Latvia: Oh I'm pretty much staying out of that one. Let's talk about something else.
HG: Hmm... oh, how about The Shining sequel? Doctor Sleep?
Latvia: How about no?

Back home, Canada wanted to make friends with the butler, so I had him stalk him around the house and pester him to chat.

Oh, now I see why you wanted to make friends.
Canada: He's so dreamy.


Grim: I have to admit, I never actually expected it to work.


Canada and Seychelles: Boohoo, oh my God, this is so tragic and sad.
England: Are you kidding me? This is the greatest thing that has ever happened.

Seychelles disagreed and went into aspiration failure. Her and France haven't been very affectionate for ages, but she still loved her.

England: I'm gonna cut out the obit and frame it.
You're a terrible person.

Gotta admit, it did amuse me to see him being chased by bees a little later. Serves him right.


Latvia: How am I supposed to get to the coffee when this guy's in the way?
Butler: I thought I saw a speck of dust. I'm going to have to clean this counter at once.

Latvia: Oh well, a quick power nap can't hurt, right?
Wrong! There's no noise making stuff in that room!

There was only one thing I could think of to do - order Seychelles and England into the room and order them to fight.
Nobody could sleep through that racket, right? WRONG.

Latvia: I had this really awful nightmare. Kreggie Fruder was trying to kill me with his scissor hands.
England and Seychelles: OMGWTF are you doing!? Put those down, you could have someone's eye out!

Man, Kreggie Fruder needs to step up his game, Latvia's been charging around the hallway for hours now.

Hi Finland! Wow, it's been ages since I saw you, how have you been?
Finland: I notice the pool has ladders.
Finland: Hope you like puddles.

Latvia: Still not dead.

And then!

Latvia: Whoa, that's not right.

Grim: Hoo boy. Running with scissors? What a stupid thing to do. Time for the theme song, I think

Sing it with me! Stupid deaths, stupid deaths, they're funny 'cos they're true! Stupid deaths, stupid deaths, hope next time it's not you!

Canada: Waaah! I've only been married for two days and my husband's dead!

Seychelles: I'm thinking I should probably make myself scarce right now.

And then when I got back to the house, I discovered that the cleanbot had gone mad while mopping up Finland's puddles and was spewing rubbish everywhere. I'm very disappointed about this because I thought it spewed dirty dishes and was hoping for a death by flies. Rubbish just attracts roaches and I've already had a flu death.

Seychelles: Turn off already, you horrible machine!

Alas, I had to fire the butler. I need the dirty dishes.

The next day, I decided I was going to aim for another death too - the Murphy Bed one. Only problem is, all my sims have pretty high body skills. Still, that won't be a problem for long...

Canada: Hey, what's that?
Russia and Seychelles: Hmm?

Canada: Mwahahaha!

England: Nooo, my precious cooking points!
Canada: Heheheh!

Russia: Is that another piano?
Seychelles: What? Where!?

Seychelles: Not the cleaning skill! I just maxed that out!

She got it back shortly afterwards.

Russia: Why isn't it working any more? Is it blocked?

Russia: Argh!

Seychelles: Waaah!
Not gonna lie, I am loving this.

Russia and England sensibly decide to go to sleep in order to avoid all the skill sucking that's going on. Oh well, Canada will get them later.

England: No, that can't be right. I haven't seen a ghost yet.
Grim: You'll get plenty of chances to do that soon enough by looking in the mirror.

England: No! I won't go! I've only had one France-free day! Noooooo!

He took all his aspiration points with him too. :( So I stocked up.

And then I ordered Russia to spend the rest of the day opening and closing the bed to see if I could kill him before he died of old age too.

Alas, unless sims can open Murphy beds autonomously, he might just manage it because next week, I'll only be able to control Canada. Oh well.

Also, just so you all know, I'm having lots of problems getting my game working right now. I play in rotation, with a week of my legacy hood, a week of my uberhood and a week of my genderswapped uberhood, but at this point, I haven't actually managed to start playing my uberhood, so I have no idea when I'll get the next part done. But rest assured, the legacy isn't going anywhere except maybe downstairs onto my daughter's computer, which just happens to be my old computer. It takes three times as long to load and the graphics aren't the best, but at least I didn't have to rip apart the coding to make the graphics card work!

Also, do you know, I've just this very second realised this is entry 4.0, not 3.7. I shall have the fix that at once.

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