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Hi everyone! Sorry it's been such a long time between updates, but I decided I wanted the shops in my genderswapped uberhood to be owned so sims could shop in them. It was a project that took longer to complete than I intended. Still, it's done now and it's time for another update to the Global Legacy.

The challenge rolled last week was to fill a fear every day. As Canada is the only sim on the lot right now, he's the unlucky chosen one doomed to a week of misery. Of course, none of his fears are nice, simple ones like Fire. Of course not. No, as he's a popularity sim and generally a nice person, he fears making enemies, or his friends dropping dead.

First things first, there's a few things I want Grina to gift Canada. You remember Grina, right? Eldest offspring of Greece and China, went to college, now back in the neighbourhood, always the one who gets spied on through the telescope? Only not any more, as it turns out. Instead, Latuania's girlfriend Meredith Bland came round to give Canada a piece of her mind.
Canada: I'm sorry, I was trying to peep at someone else.
Meredith: You think that makes things better!? Why don't you do the neighbourhood a favour and shove that thing up your ass before someone does it for you?

Thankfully when I went and played Grina's household, Canada came home from work with Athens.

Canada: Yeah, football's OK, but skiing? Now THAT'S where it is.

Grina: Wow, you're such a cool guy. I wish I'd still been at home when Mum's husband's husband met you. Anyway, here's a gift.
Canada: Uh, thanks? I guess.
Way to be an ungrateful little shit, Canada. Couldn't you show a little more enthusiasm?
Canada: It's a tiny box wrapped in white paper. How exciting can it be?

This exciting, perhaps? Yes, that's right, it's a cowplant. Grina nicked it out of her college secret society with her own bare hands. And it'll be very handy for fulfilling those death fears... or so I thought right up to the moment the butler whipped out a leg of lamb and fed the damn thing.

I guess I'll just have to make him starve to death instead.


Butler: Nope, this is bullshit.
HEY! That door was locked!

So I rage-quit and had Canada ask him to move it. Lets see you teleport through doors now, mwahaha.

I decided that as he was going to be sticking around for a while, I'd try that death by flies too.
Shilo: Sure am glad I don't have to clean this pigsty up any more.

First though, let's fill that enemies fear.
Shilo: What the hell is that thing?
Canada: Why don't you take a closer look and see?

And wouldn't you know it, I forgot to check if he was in gold and it backfired.
Canada: Huhhhh... my dreams of conquest...
New Butler: Don't come any closer. I hear your last butler disappeared in mysterious circumstances.

A quick pep talk from the therapist and Canada was ready to try again.

Shilo: Canada may have turned against me, but you'll always be my friend, Mr Cuppy.

Greece: Which filthy bastard peed on the friggin' floor!?
Excuse me, YOU scared him, you don't get to complain about the mess.

Because Shilo and Canada were best buddies, it's taking an awful long time to fill that enemies fear.

So I took a break and sent Canada on a date so he'd roll some new fears. And his date today is with Austria. Yes, that's right, in addition to completely obliterating the competition in Eurovision, Austria also swept the heir poll and will be the next legacy spouse, yay!

I sent them out for a classy dinner.

Austria's got the right idea here.

Canada: I know it's a little sudden, but will you marry me?
Austria: Gasp! I'm so happy!

Canada: You can't bring your violin with you though.
Austria: Oh. That might be a dealbreaker, actually.

South Italy wasn't best pleased to find out the guy he liked had just got engaged.
South Italy: I hope your wedding cake gives you diarrhoea.

Canada: If I see him anywhere near our cake, I'll kick him in the balls.

Still, Canada manages to get South Italy out of his mind during the ceremony.

And then I sent them out to the photobooth for a nice picture. Not just because I like my sims to have romantic weddings photos...

But because FINALLY I can fulfil a fear!

Canada: Fuck you. I hate having my photo taken.
Oh. You might want to sit down for this bit of news then; I've been taking pictures of you ever since you joined the household.
Canada: What!?
And posting them on the internet.
Canada: I hate you.

It turned out Austria also had a fear of having his photo taken too. Oops.

Aww, they taught each other how to clean.

Unsavoury Charlatan: I hope they put their new skills to good use once they're done in there.

I asked a repairman over to fix the CleanBot, but they couldn't do it. Is that a bug or or a mod conflict, does anyone know?

Meanwhile Canada continues to torture Shilo.

He was getting too tired for Canada to antagonise, so I brought him a bed. After making him and Canada clean up the floor because once again, the flies turned into roaches. I give up on that death type, failure's just too disgusting.

Canada: You're supposed to be the damn butler, why do I have to clean up the mess?

Shilo: You know what? You're an asshole.

Great, now all you have to do is beat him up and you'll finally be enemies.
Canada: But I don't want to beat him up! I'm a nice person!

Not that nice, apparently.

And they still weren't enemies, so I made them fight for the next few hours.

Shilo: You know what? I hate you.

Now it's time to fill that death fear. :D

Shilo: Are you kidding me right now!? I wish I'd never made friends with Canada now.

Canada's not doing much better at making friends and influencing people at work either.

Even his marriage is starting to sour.
Canada: Don't flush the fucking toilet when I'm in the shower! I almost froze my balls off!

Austria: Aww, don't be mad, honey.

Meanwhile, the cowplant is finally hungry.

Shilo: The cake was a lie.

Canada: Hi everyone! My day was great!

Canada: My butler-prisoner died? Scratch that, today sucked.

He's very quickly distracted.

Slovenia: Hey, handsome.

Don't marriage laws generally frown upon this sort of thing?

Hooray, a nice, easy fear. I'll just call South Italy, I know he hates Canada.

Whoops, wrong South Italy.


After that, I saw sense and invited over Meredith, who's still pissed about that whole peeping incident.

Canada: She can't hate me more than I hate my dead butler.

Anyway. ACR and Slovenia kick in to help cheer him up.

Slovenia: Rawr.

My special event camera keeps switching back on, but I have to admit the film for woohoo is always amusing.

Austria; So, did you have a good day while I was at work, darling husband?
Canada: The weather was a bit shit, but I found a way to amuse myself.

Slovenia: You're MARRIED!?
Haha, yup, one of Canada's fears was for Slovenia to be enemies with him, so I thought instead of trapping him in a room for several days and annoying him, I'd have Canada break his heart instead.
Unfortunately, it didn't work. He's just mad at him instead.

Some make-up sex. Austria's not sure what Canada's making up for, but he's not going to complain about it.

Canada: Might as well drink this up, never know when I'll need a hungry cowplant.

Oh look, the juice matches his coat.

I tried inviting Slovenia around to annoy him some more, but he wasn't having any of it.

Like that's ever stopped me before.

Still, if I get bored of trying to make enemies, there's always this fear to aim for.

(I got bored.)

Slovenia: Who's a good cow plant? Good cow plant!
Awww goddamit!

Turns out I had a cowplant hack that stopped logical sims from taking the cake, so I locked the gate, closed the game and took it out. And then Slovenia strolled straight out of the locked gate. *facepalm*

I decided to focus on Austria for a bit and brought him a violin. He's very happy with it.

Back to Canada. I'd given up making enemies, so they chatted for a bit, but he still didn't want to come over.

Austria: I have a tummy ache.

Seychelles: I HATE YOUR BED.

Austria: Yikes, I almost popped a button.

More purple juice, and that's why.

Slovenia: Heh heh heh, that newspaper will be mine!

Canada: Hi.
Slovenia: Fuck you.
Canada: While I think that's a great idea, there was something else I hoped you'd do for me...

Slovenia: Hey, gimmee back that cake!
Cowplant: CHOMP.

AWWW YISSS. Guess what else Grina gave Canada?

Austria: Hello, is that Death? I'd like to place an order please.


Slovenia: I hate you.
Austria: What have I done?

So, now we have a new housemate. Yay!
Slovenia: And I know just what I want to do first.

But as Canada isn't home to flirt with, Slovenia amuses himself by watching the sports channel.
Slovenia: BOOOO.
Excuse me, are you seriously booing Torville and Dean?
Slovenia: THIS SUCKS.
Joke's on you; they get perfect artistic scores and take home the gold. HA.

Oh come on. Give the guy a break, he had a busy day.

And then Canada arrives home and collapses.
Canada: Slovenia died. I can't take this.

Canada: And now there's a zombie in my home.

Look on the bright side, Canada. I don't have the mod that makes zombies hunger for brains.

Canada: I still don't want it here, boo hoo hoo!
Slovenia: Can't I eat his brains anyway?

Austria: Is this because I made a zombie? I already apologised about that.
Nah, he had a nice, easy-to-fill rejected invite fear, which sent him over the edge again.

He's busy, sorry.

Not a great idea, Austria. Not only would your husband hate it, but God only knows what it would do to your foetus.

Today, Canada rolled a wish backfire fear, so I made him wish for friends. Not risking the money one after what happened to Greece.

Aww, it worked.

Austria: Oooh! Pretty!

Ireland: BOO.
Can we not kill the pregnant one, please?

Slovenia: Are you sure? You'd get no objections from me.

Luxemborg: Cake? For me? Aww, thanks.

Canada: Why did I agree to keep a carnivorous plant in my front garden? Why?

Austria: Hi, Death, it's me again. Yeah. Listen, my husband's pretty upset his friend died, could you send him back up this way?

Austria: Oops.

Yep, more zombies.

I'm beginning to think they're all rolling this as revenge on Austria for zombifying them.

Luxemborg: Hey, sexy, wanna help me see what body parts still function?

Canada: Wow, this is the kinkiest thing I've done since that bondage thing.

Canada: Actually, I've changed my mind. Turns out I'm not all that turned on by rotting flesh.
Slovenia: Well I have a headache anyway. Probably from having my head crushed by your pet murder plant.

Canada: No matter how many of my friends die, I'll always have you, Mr Cup.

His fears were all boring, so I sent him out for dinner in the hope some of his fears would reroll, but Canada didn't stay out long after discovering Red's Famous 50's Diner was in desperate need of a makeover.

Luxemborg sucked down a werewolf potion purely because Canada's scared of werewolves as well as zombies.

And then it was baby time!

Of course there are. OF COURSE.

Haha, I love the male birthing video. XD

This? This I don't love.

Slovenia: You dropped something.
Austria: Shut up.

So, in no particular order, meet Austrada, Cania, Vienna and Ottowa. I think. I'll have to double-check those smush names.

I wouldn't even know where to begin making this happen.

But thankfully I don't have to because it's the end of the week and time for a new challenge. Thanks for reading!

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