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Hey everyone! The summer holidays are over, it's back to studying, but y'know, it's always a good idea to take a break, have something to eat and waste a few hours on social networking, so here's a little update to get you into bad habits early on. You're welcome.

Hey, you remember I was trying to tank people's body points so I could try killing them with the Murphy Bed? I remembered that becoming a zombie does that even better than chasing people around with the SimVac all day.

Luxembourg: Can't I just relax on the damn thing?
Nope! You can rest when you're dead.
Luxembourg: I'M ALREADY DEAD.
You're undead. There's a difference.

Opening and closing the Murphy Bed involves a lot of boring micro-managing, so Canada decided to set the oven on fire to get my attention.

Whatever. Back to the bed.

And then we took a break for werewolves.

Luxembourg: I can't do it! What if I crush hi-wait, he made me a zombie, fuck that guy.


Turns out, for a Murphy Bed death, you need low body points AND terrible motives - and it's still only a 5% chance. Poor Luxembourg's been opening and closing the stupid thing for more than a day and both of us are bored with it.

So let's move on to this week's challenge: spend all the money on gnomes! OK, the rules said pretty much any garden deco is allowed, but I find the thought of a gnome army entertaining, so a gnome army it is. Day one brings in about 40 of them.

And in even better news, I modded out that 5% chance. Miserable, unskilled Sims in my game die 100% of the time now.

Grim: That's just sad.

Canada: Boo hoo, now I'll never know the cold touch of zombie flesh upon my naked skin.
I wouldn't say that. There's another zombie for you to cheat on Austria with.
Death: You disgust me. No, not you, them- no- I mean- look, just call this one up already, I'll be home soon. Yes, of course I remembered to pick up some milk. Can I borrow your cowplant quickly? No?

Rest in pieces peace, Luxemborg. You weren't with us for long, but it'll take years to get the stench of rotting flesh out of the carpet.

Didn't take long for people to get over it.

France: Well I'm traumatised! Killer beds!? This is why you should've kept my nice, fancy one!

Austria: His name's not in the obituaries yet.
Well, he did only just died.
Austria: Actually he died quite a while ago.
Yes, but we kept his previous death and subsequent return as a reanimated corpse out of the media, remember?

Oh yeah! Remember these things?
Canada: Which one is this one again?
Don't look at me. I'm going to make CC nappies with 1, 2, 3 and 4 on the butts so I can tell babies apart.

Canada: Or we could grow them up! Great idea, right, Austria?
Austria: It's tangled in the light fitting.

Canada: Could you not do that in my ear? Unless you want a face full of cake?

Why are you just standing there?
Austria: It pooped. I don't do poop.
You're a dad now. You do poop.

And with those encouraging words, Austria grows up the last quad, and the only one who didn't decide to wear a tux today. Also, every single one of them is blonde. It's going to fun telling them all apart. And by fun, I mean WHHYYYYYY.

I hate the toddler tuxes so now the toddlers are all dragons. A vast improvement!
Austria: I'm not touching dragon poop!

Canada brings home a promotion, which obviously has to be spent on another 90 gnomes.
Canada: My army is shaping up nicely.

Slovenia: Aren't you worried your husband might catch us?
Canada: There's a wall of gnomes barricading the house. We'll be fine.

Nooooo, Canada nooooooo.

Dragons: We smell!
Sorry, your dad's busy right now.

Ukraine: I think I'm just going to stay here and help myself to the bar.

Austrada: While you're there, can you teach me to poop on the pot too?
Canada: Can't you just copy what I'm doing?

Austrada: *throws some shade at TS4*

Latvia: Whoa, whoa, whoa, what's all this about killer beds? As if killer scissors and killer plants weren't bad enough!

Rome let himself into the house and started randomly tickling Cania.
Rome: I like it. I think I'll keep it.

Canada: Don't worry, sweetie. You're safe with me.
Uh, that's Ottowa. I gave them colour-coded outfits so you could tell them apart.

And so begins an evening of pop-ups.

Latvia: *pops up* HI, HUBBY!

Rome: If I can't have the kid, at least I can have a gnome.
Austria: Excuse me, I'm right here. I stole back three of those this evening, don't make me come over there and kick your arse too.

I want to say it's adorable that Canada's worried about poor Austrada passed out on the floor...

...But I know he just doesn't want children in the room when he's trying to spice up his sex life.
Austria: I dunno, I'm pretty sure there's a Stephen King book where that didn't work out so well.

Canada: Latvia would've-
Austria: Latvia? Your dead husband? You're bringing him up now?
Canada: ...
Austria: Hoping to join him?

Canada: Latvia who?
Latvia: Aw HELL no!

He died here, but OK game, whatever you say.

Rome: Room for a third in there?

Slovenia: How dare you!

After that, he set out on some gnome robbery to work out his rage.

They're going pretty fast. I wonder how long it'll take for all of them to go?

Slovenia: Steal our fucking gnomes? I hope you're prepared to see a fucking zombie march across your lawn to steal it back.

Toddlers crawl into their parents bedroom to scream and poop. Sometimes this game is scarily lifelike.

Canada gives one of the toddlers a bath. Don't ask me which one, when they don't have their colour-coded dragon suits on, I can't tell any of these damn kids apart.

Austria: Gosh, I'm so glad I'm learning parenting, I can't wait to be a better father.
Vienna: You wanna be a better father? Fucking wash me.

Austria: Oooh, nappy rash photos. That looks nasty.

Romania: Cool, gnome lawn sale.

Slovenia is plagued by nightmares about various Germans.
Slovenia: Germans are the wurst.

Slovenia: I can't believe you're telling everyone I made such a terrible pun.

Yes, that's a brilliant idea with no drawbacks. Oh wait, I mean NO, YOU FUCKWIT.

Austria's off to steal back more gnomes.


Russia: If Austria can't make a zombie, can I at least make a ghost?
Be my guest.

I wonder, if I stopped putting them back out on the lawn after he stole them back, how many would be in his inventory when they'd all eventually been stolen back and forth?

Adorable toddler-in-puddle spam.

This isn't a repeat, he's stealing back yet another gnome.

Aww, the spooning animation is so sweet-

Austria: Didn't anyone ever tell you it's creepy to watch people while they sleep?


Canada: Whee, my babies are so cute!
He had his hands in the toilet a second ago.
Canada: Ew, get it away from me. *throws child through the ceiling*

Gnomes: Keep walking, kitten.

Sorry gnomes, kitty's coming through because Canada decided four toddlers wasn't enough mayhem. Anyway, this little kitty is named Lemon and I promise to do my best not to make a joke about making lemonade.

Canada: She's so cute and fluffy!
I can already tell this animal's going to get more love from Canada than his children do.

Presented without comment.

Eeee, she's so dinky and cute!

You know who isn't little and cute? Everyone else, because it's time for the quads birthdays.

Butler: Want me to give them one last feed?
What, and waste all that cake? Go away.

How the hell did that happen? I thought their parents ignored them equally.

I find it hilarious that the first thing the quads do is go out and seek their stolen gnomes.

Slovenia: Can zombies get alien pregnant?
No idea. Let me know if you find out.

Adorable Lemon spam.

Vienna: See this block? It's my block now.
Austrada: I'm drawing, you can have all the blocks.

Awww, Austria wants all his children to get into private school.

First though, sex.

Ottowa: We could've been a four-member family boyband if it wasn't for you!

I finally remembered to get Canada's portrait done. In my defence, it did get done once before, then borkage occurred.


They found the water wiggler.

Probably a good thing they didn't go into the main pool seeing as their adult supervision passed out.

I decided it was high time the quads faced the world, so I sent them to the fairground.
Cania: I'm not sure these bumper cars are safe. Also there's a clown staring at me.
I think that's actually one of your parents.
Cania: Did I stutter?

Vienna: Forget the funfair! For real amazing feats of daring-do that will fill you with shock and awe, just roll up and watch as I stand on my head!
Austrada: Amazing! Astounding! Acrobatic!
OMG rude.

Seychelles: RAWR!
Ottowa: Eek!
Seychelles: Tell your dad I said hi. And that I watch him while he sleeps.

Austria: -And another thing, I don't like-
Slovenia: EEK!
Austria: Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realise I was being intimidating.

Wow. Vengeful ghost Seychelles is pretty intimidating, all right.


Slovenia: You know, I think I'll be safer outside.

Slovenia: Or maybe I'll just drink to forget.

I was feeling too lazy to invite the headmaster over, so I tried the 'bribe corrupt headmaster' mod. It worked perfectly.

Butler: If you're bribing NPCs, you know where to find me.
Yeah, sitting on your arse, drinking beer. Why do I even pay you wages, let alone bribes?

You'd better not be making any more babies.

Austria: Would a pearl necklace suit me? I don't know.

Vienna: The gnome army is looking good today.

I forgot to colour-coordinate their outerwear so I'm afraid I don't know which quad ran out to hug Austria. Cania maybe? I think she's got slightly longer hair than her brothers, but only just.

I also have no idea if these two are flirting aggressivly or actually fighting.

Slovenia: A shooting star! Make a wish!
I wish Sims 4 had toddlers and pools and shorter teens so I could tell them apart from adults.
Slovenia: You're not supposed to make impossible wishes.

Oh ew, I thought I'd fixed this lot.

Would people stop pimping my Sims out to Santa? Please. It's September. At least wait until after Halloween.

Spain: Why hello, handsome.

Knowing what Canada's been up to, I can't be mad, but one day I'd like my Sims to have a monogamous marriage. Maybe for gen 10.

Austria: Anyway, here's Wonderwall.

Unsavoury Charlatan: Son, you'll never get laid with that song.

And when I went home, Slovenia looked suspiciously crash-happy, so I quit there. But happily, it's Tuesday, which means it's time for a new challenge!

And it looks like a doozy.

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