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I forget what happened last time. As it turns out, so did everyone else.

I wrote that title a few days ago, then woke up the next morning feeling gross. Headache and sore throat and achy limbs. But I'm a carer and a student and a single parent and if I'm ill, everything grinds to a halt. Plus I have two months of uni left, I am not allowed to be ill! So it turned out to be more apt than I originally intended.

Austrada has no such concerns though. He'll rest wherever he falls.

Anyway, the challenge rolled last week was to makeover the house. So each room is getting a themed look. Canada and Austria's marital bedroom has gone all Gothic.

Spare bedroom one... in SPACE. Or near enough.

Spare bedroom two is a forest fairy getaway.

I didn't bother decorating the hallway, so Austria turned himself into a delightful and decorative rug.

The children's bedroom was a bit tricky to do, thanks to the unconscious child cluttering up the place, but I did eventually manage to cram in a bunch of animal themed goodies.

And Semagic doesn't want to show this picture. I'm going to assume it's the Vegas Casino room.

With the makeovers done and dusted, it's time to move on to more important things. Like looking back through all my dead sims and seeing what methods are left to kill Canada!
Canada: This is too new to kill me.
Doesn't hurt to plan ahead for the next one.

Aww, how sweet, Slovenia's reading the children a bedtime story.
Slovenia: The maiden lay dead upon the floor, her breast cut open, and beside her crouched the mad warlock, holding in one bloody hand a great, smooth shining scarlet heart, which he licked and stroked-
Slovenia: Oh, but murder's juuuuust fine when YOU do it?

Speaking of which, turns out nobody in this legacy has starved to death. So lets do it.
Canada: Gosh, a secret room, how exciting. I wonder what my children are doing?

At least one of them is doing their homework, so that's good.

Canada: Didn't this secret room have a secret door?
I dunno, nobody told me. Maybe it's a secret.

Oh hey, it's Finland! Hi Finland! Have you come to give Canada some moral support?

Finland: Are you MURDERING someone right now? You are a terrible person.

Meanwhile, nobody seems to have noticed that Canada has vanished, although they're aware of at least eight missing gnomes. Of course, people not noticing Canada is a completely canon reaction, so I can hardly complain.

Canada: The fuck is this?

Canada: OW!
Didn't you read Harry Potter? You have to stroke it first.

Canada: OK, exploring the secret room of evil magic has been fun, but I'm getting kind of hungry now. Any chance of a snack?

Austria: Did someone say snack? How about the milk of the innocent?

Ottawa: What if he drops her?
That performance took place in 1984. I'm pretty sure he won't drop her.
Ottawa: I understand what you're saying, but what if he does this time?

The only person dropping here is Canada.

But there's a problem - I forgot that after that memory wipe, Austria had no contacts, so once Canada dies, there are literally no potential spouses to take his place. Gonna have to remedy that ASAP!

There are some thoughts you should really keep to yourself.
Austria: Could really do with another glass of refreshing murder juice right now.
That would be one of them.

I haven't been to one of the family businesses for aaaaaaaaages, and I know they're a great place to pick up people, so I sent Austria to Oriental Decor to make some friends.

Austria: Here is a list of reasons why you suck.
Friendmaking: fail.

But he did get the promise of a promotion from England.

Fun fact - in the Sims, teachers will accept 'my pet ate my homework' as a legit reason for not handing it in, so at least one of the kids is in luck.

Not these two though, they've been slacking off for days and I finally forced them to sit down and work.

Good news: England totally kept her promise to help Austria up the career ladder.
Bad news: he's getting reeeeeeeal close to murder point now too. Hopefully I can marry him off before I have to kill him.

That's assuming he doesn't die of motive failure first. Stop spending all night stealing back gnomes and go to bed!

France: Speaking of beds, where's MY fucking bed!?

Serbia's also strolling around the house, re-enacting his death occasionally, just to set the mood.

So the scene's all set when Canada finally dies. :(

Farewell, Canada. He was a lot of fun to play with and I shall miss him a lot. Although not as much as the cat, who sat on the other side of the wall for hours, yowling with grief.
Lemon: Noooooo, not my beloved master!

Then I realised I didn't have any photobooth pictures of him to put above his urn, so I had Slovenia resurrect him.

So long as he still looks good in the photos, I don't care.

Canada: I have fingers!

And now I have photos.

France: Where's MY updated photos?

Canada: Oh, the secret room again? Well, I think you'll find NO CELL can hold CAPTAIN HERO!
I think you'll find it can.

Goddamit Semagic, I use you so I won't have to keep switching programs to see the pictures and that doesn't work when you refuse to load them.
*switches to Photobucket*
Canada: The fuck is this?
Oh, yeah, it's a nifty coffin bed for Canada so he can rest but never forget why he's in here. It's all very Cask of Amontillado, isn't it? Only without the alcohol.

Meanwhile, Austria hasn't noticed that his newly resurrected husband has vanished AGAIN. Seriously, the cat's the only one who gives a shit.
Lemon: I'm so lonely.

Austria: If I give you belly rubs, will you cheer up?
Lemon: Only if your fingers are soaked in catnip.

Everyone's avoiding our phonecalls.

So I sent Slovenia out to meet people. I know he's not continuing the legacy line, but we still need household friends for promotions and stuff.

Birthday time approaches! And I've spelt Ottawa's name incorrectly. I'm so ashamed of myself. :(

I put some wall decor in Canada's room so he could keep his fun levels up.
Canada: HAHAHA just look at it's face!

Random charisma skill win for Austria.

Austrada: What did you get for 3c?
Cania: I was hoping you'd tell me.
Austrada: Maybe we should ask an adult for help.
Cania: Are there even any adults in the house?

Yes! Like America, for example, who came to check out the Vegas room.
America: Needs more Elvis impersonators.

Canada: Bed time.

Bed time forever. A shame he couldn't actually die in that coffin, right?

Lemon: This one better not be dead too.

HAHAHA no. Not after that week.

Ah yes, I installed some extra security to try and cut down on the gnome thefts because no-one will go to bed until they've stolen back five gnomes and passed out from exhaustion. So let's see if it works.
Hong Kong: Whoa, back off. It's not me.

Townie scum: Yeek!
Hong Kong: I think I'll leave the gnomes alone today.

Slovenia got a promotion. I don't know why I screencapped it.

Ottawa and Vienna play catch.
Vienna: Don't throw it in the cowplant pen, OK?
Lemon: Oh God, I'm so alone.

Ottawa: There, there.

Butler: As the only child to show up for dinner, let alone clear your plate, here's five ice cream sundaes. Just for you.

Cania: Who needs ice cream when you can play the piano for seven solid hours?
I'd mock, but then I remembered I can spend seven hours sitting on Tumblr, which is definitely a crappier way to spend seven hours.

FYR Macedonia: Oh hey, cake!
What? How did she get in there? The gate was supposed to be locked!

Oh dammit.

Erin: Oh cool, company in the afterlife.

Ottawa: -Yeah, the power of flight-hang on, a ghost's about to pass through me, there may be some static.

Seychelles: I miss my bed.

Slovenia: What are you looking at?
Finland: What are YOU looking at?

Anyway, it's party time! Time for the kids to become self-sufficient teens who can't be stolen away by social services.

Butler: Yay. Bring on the cake.

And they grow up into boring pjs.

Cania: If I grow up into those pyjamas, do you promise to kill me?

And Vienna and Cania join their siblings in teenhood. And they all grew up well!

Some makeovers. I'm keeping their colour-coded outfits, because it's easier to tell apart the three blonde boys.

I sent them out to explore the town and they formed a band when I wasn't looking.

But Austria doesn't want his children to enter the entertainment industry, he wants scholarships all round. Although maybe I should break it to him that the creative skill points and jobs would actually be a help there, not a hindrance.

Ottawa: Damn, I'm sexy!
Cania: And I'm sleepy, would you shut up?

Whoa, hey, not the Vegas room! It's bad enough when my real cats scratch up the furniture, I don't need it in my games too.

Anyway, Slovenia was a bit down in the dumps, probably because he's a zombie, so I indulged in his desire for a hot spring.

Slovenia: Ahhh yes, this will do nicely.

China's out and about tonight. Hi China!

Um, Slovenia? You know you have cake, right?
Slovenia: Yeah, I'm gonna eat it at the bar. Cake goes great with booze.

Do you really need five drinks?
Slovenia: Do you really need me to answer that question?

I don't even know where to start with this picture.

Slovenia: Did you just piss on our floor?
Montenegro: Your house is full of ghosts and nobody warned me!

England: GRRRRR.

England: BOO!

England: BOO!

England: BOO!

Eng-oh, wait, it's someone else!
Luxembourg: BOO!
And they tag-teamed on poor Austria that time, I'm amazed he's still alive.

And now we're back to England again.
England: BOO!

England: BOO!
Austrada: Again!?
Damn, England's really on the rampage tonight. I like it.

Austrada: Nooooooo!

England: BOO!
Austrada: EEK!
How is he still alive? HOW?

Oh. I guess THAT might be why.

At some point, I quit without saving and took that mod out to see if my ghosts would get more murderous, but I can't remember exactly when. So here's Liet, but I can't remember if he hung around both times.

Also at some point New Zealand barged into the house to criticize the boys gaming skills.
New Zealand: BOOOO YOU SUCK.

Hi Serbia! Could you skip the bit where you repeat your death over and over and kill someone else instead?
Serbia: Ehhh, maybe. It's a fun scene to act out.

Well maybe England's still feeling spooky?

England: GRRRRR.
Austria: Do you mind? I'm trying to poop.

And it's a good thing Austria emptied his bowels already because then this happened.
England: BOO!


Austrada: Noooooo not again!
England: Hahaha. Right, that's three kids... where's the fourth one hiding? I need her to complete my quad-scare bingo card.

It took some time, but he got her in the end. Alas, everyone survived the night. I'm almost disappointed in England, but I guess he did try.

I think I may have to keep Austria off work until he's remarried. Don't want to have to kill him too soon.

Ooooooh. I don't know who this girl is, but she shot down Vienna's first kiss.


Oh, in other news, I've been looking at what methods are left to kill my sims, and although they don't give cool, unique ghosts or anything, the motive drop from some evil crafted items can kill, so I'm going to see if I can get the teens crafting evil flowers and evil kites before I boot them out.

Cania plays with the water wiggler.

And Latvia makes an appearance. Hi Latvia!
Latvia: BOO!
Slovenia: Argh, my heart's stopped! ...Wait, I'm already dead. Can I be scared to death again?
You know, I honestly have no idea. Shall we find out?

Oh wait, Latvia's moved on to tormenting the teens.

Cania: Eep!

She barely had time to mop up the pee puddle before he got her again.

Slovenia: Back off, I'm returning them, not stealing them.

And at the end of the week, here's Austria's relationship panel. Cast your votes for the next spouse! And remember that he makes really pretty babies with England!

Who should Austria's new spouse be?
pollcode.com free polls
The poll will be open until about 10pm GMT on Saturday Monday night (date changed because I forgot to crosspost it. Oops!).

BONUS! I play the children when they've moved out, but I don't tend to take pictures. But I decided to make an exception when Hallie, offspring of Greece and China's eldest child, Grina, brought Ottawa home.

And then dragged him straight to her parents bedroom to pop his cherry.

And then the very next day, she brought home Vienna.

And shagged him too. I'm definitely going to have to invite her over to the main household next time I play!

And here's next weeks challenge. Should be fun! See you then!

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