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I recently realised I've been playing this uberhood for more than three years and I still haven't completed a full rotation. So I'm going to knuckle down and finish this round, one subhood at a time, starting with the main hood, Strangetown. There's three families left to play here, so be prepared for a lot of images below the cut.

First, to the Beaker household! Where Nervous will have to get used to a lifetime of disappointment, because as long as he lives here, he's not getting a job.

Nervous: Dear Diary. I'm so bored. I wish we had a TV.

You have no new e-mail.
Nervous: I hear you, but let me just check one more time.

Ooh ho ho ho! Well, this should be interesting!

I let Nervous talk to him mum and while he was busy, Circe and Loki christened the double bed in the spare room.

Loki: Let's invite someone to stay and not change the sheets.
Circe: I like the way you think.

You know there's a perfectly functional table indoors, right?

Loki: Now where was that wreck again?

Circe: Dear Diary. I need a new diary.

Nervous decided to replace sleep with caffeine.

Nervous: I'm so miserable.
Stop rolling impossible wants then!

Nervous: I had no idea there were wild parrots in Strangetown.
Er, I think someone's lost a pet actually.

Loki: Heyyyyyyyy girl.
Circe: Never do that again.

I sent Circe to the First Aid Station. For science!

Circe: Can science explain WTF this was doing in there!?

She didn't have much money left because I've been redecorating the castle, but there was just enough cash to go for a swim in the local pool.

Nervous finally went to bed.

Nervous: Dear diary. I have run out of pens and am writing this with a scalpel.

Circe: Did you know the French call orgasms "la petite mort"? Wanna die tonight?

Loki: Well, when you put it like that...

What a beautiful, generic sky.

That's better.

These two are constantly shagging and snogging and generally having massive PDAs all over the place.

Sometimes I think they do it purely to annoy Nervous.
Nervous: Dear diary. I am so alone.

He does get his own minor revenge though.
Circe: Ew.

Nervous: *fart*
Circe: Gross! I was eating!

Oh, and it took a while because they kept running out of cash, but I finally managed to make over the castle. Well, I still need to do something about that chimney stack, but it's a vast improvement.

They're now totally skint and Circe spends her spare time working behind the bar at Lucky Shack, but the castle looks good!

Still, she does manage to double her money by betting against teenagers at poker.

Nervous is back on the coffee.

And these two are back in bed.

Nervous: I did NOT need to see that!

Vidcund: I'd come in and slap the shit out of you... but there's doors in the way now.

Uh, Nervous? I wouldn't sleep there if I were you.

Finally the job wants rolled away to be replaced by something I can finally do! Including a want I'd never seen before. How cool is this game!?

Meanwhile Loki rolled this want and I locked it because they seem exactly like the kind of people who'd build a robot minion in their lab.

But they might want that servo sooner rather than later, because unsurprisingly, Circe's expecting.
Nervous: Ew, naked Loki.

Circe ran into PT9 outside and shared her news.

And Nervous got sunburned. Ouch.

JOY. Pregnant and sick, my favourite.

Then she passed out in the hallway. Poor Circe.

I decided to lock her in the spare room until she recovers.

While Circe's in quarantine, Loki makes a start on his robot army.

Thanks, science guy.

Oh, I decided Circe and Loki would probably get annoyed with Nervous for continually sleeping in their bed, so I put a scary fence around his pit. Pleasant dreams, Nervous!


That's would be great if Nervous was ever allowed to leave the house.


Nervous is no help at all, sensibly choosing to splash in puddles instead.

I love how you can see the whole town.


Nervous: What do I do?

It's triplets! All boys. I named them after characters from Greek mythology because my daughter's homework was to draw a Greek myth as a comic strip, so I had it on my mind. Their names are Apollo, Helios and Perseus.

I turned the spare room into a nursery and Nervous took over the childcare duties while Circe recovered from the birth.

Nervous: You want the stick? You want it? Go get the stick!

Nervous: Loki's home, why am I doing this?

Because right now the robot army is still in miniature.

And the week ends with Circe stepping up to do some mothering.
Those boys are doomed.

I moved on to the Specter house and Nervous called to ask Olive if she'd like to go Downtown. He brought along Circe and Pascal, who start behaving badly. I also made a mental note to wallpaper the upper floor, only to later realise ceilings had switched themselves off.

Olive: I'd like to sing a song for you all, so without further ado, here's Don't Fear the Reaper.

She had a quick chat with Coral Oldie about the youth of today, underneath the freshly switched-on ceiling.

And then the game crashed just after she sat down for lunch.

It's not her LTW job (that would be Entertainment), but it was too perfect for me to turn down.

I realised the casual group was still in effect, so I sent Olive back out again.

Olive: So did you hear about Melody Tinker!?


Erin: You weren't using this, were you?

Ophelia: Wake up, Aunt Olive, I got an A+!

Olive: If you want to keep getting A+ grades, you gotta keep up with your homework.

Ophelia: I'm so bored.
Play on the computer? Read a book? Bathtub pirates?
Ophelia: Ugh. no.

Kickybag in the bathroom it is then.


Bath time.

Why did I take all these pictures of mundane stuff again?

Anyway, Ophelia's off to college soon, so I had Olive go and buy her a present.

Plus muffins for pudding.

Ophelia: Oh wow, thanks!
Olive: Just promise me you'll call when you're gone.

Before she went, I also wanted her to go on a date with Johnny.

Ophelia: I sure do hope this place sells mac n' cheese.

Ophelia: Mmm, mac n' cheese.
Johnny: Wasn't that your meal right there?
Ophelia: You're right, it was.

Thieving Townie Scum: Eek!
Oh shut up. It's water, it washes right out.

Yeah, it probably would've been better if Ophelia hadn't had her dinner stolen, but oh well.

That's really nice, Johnny, but Ophelia literally just walked in the door. Give her a little time to get her motives back up first.

I have no idea why she decided to do her homework outside. Maybe it was a nice evening.

The ghosts are coming out to play. I guess they thought it was nice out too.

Lyla: Be right back, I'm just gonna go check on my boys.

Oh wait, no, she's gonna die all over the place instead.

Ophelia: I'm not sure I want to sleep with all the ghosts on the loose.

Chloe invited herself over the next morning.

I had Olive introduce herself.

They played catch for a while.

Then I sent Olive out to the museum for a while.

Olive: DL+DC, DL+KL, DL+NC, DL+CG.. keep it in your pants, Lothario.

Jason Greenman was also hanging around, so they chatted for a bit about fossil fuels and alternative energy.

Ophelia: More presents? Sweet!

Ophelia: Have you ever considered using an eyebrow pencil to-

Ophelia invited Johnny over.

Er, why are you wandering off behind the house?

Oh, that's why.
Ophelia: Is that a piano?
It'd better not be!

Jeez Johnny, I know she's leaving for college tomorrow, but give her some privacy while she pees.

Olive: Damn kids on my damn lawn!
Chloe: You don't even HAVE a lawn!

Chloe: By the way, have you ever considered using an eyebrow pen-

Kicky bag out on the pavement.

Probably not a bad idea actually, the garden's a bit busy.

It kinda looks like Olive's chasing Johnny out of the house, and in a way she is, but it's just because they're playing a game of water balloon fight.

Don't throw it through the ghosts.

Then Ophelia joined in.

And Johnny was sent home with a kiss goodbye.

That job in Entertainment showed up, and here's her new uniform.
Olive: I'm gonna give the birthday brat nightmares. :DDDDD

Unfortunately, while she was at work, lightning struck the cactus just as it stopped raining.

Happily Ophelia's home-from-school coding forced her indoors to drop her homework, which meant she was able to call the fire department instead of the fire queue-stomping the action.

Happily it was only the cactus that snuffed it.

Yes, that sounds like a good idea.

But before I can fulfil it, she's off to college.

Poor Olive missed seeing her niece off to college, but at least she'd managed to give her those going away gifts before she left. And I'm gonna pretend I don't see that nonsense in the thought bubble.

Now Olive's all on her own and boring, so I sent her out to meet people.

She met them.

The local wolf showed up for a game of razzle.

Ghosts are out again tonight and I missed the first few scares.

It was an eventful night.

Olive: Awwww, somebody loves me.
Pretty sure that's not for you.
Olive: Pretty sure I didn't ask for your opinion.

I sent her right back out again after work, this time to the cinema.

And this looks like somebody Olive would like to get to know better!

Vidcund and Kristen both showed up to steal the paper, but Olive greeted them and they didn't quite know what to do.
Vidcund: I'd steal it now while she's occupied, but she's seen my face and I'm honestly scared.

Kristen: We could team up-
Vidcund: That paper is mine and mine alone.

Pascal: Hey, bro. Is Olive's paper still there? I wanted to do the crossword, Lazlo filled ours in with swear words.

Vicki: BOO.

Benjamin: Good book?
Olive: Not bad, thanks.

Vicki: BOO again.

I finally realised Lyla's floating around in a towel and a wedding veil. What the hell were you doing at Olive's that night, Lyla!?

Oh, NOW you roll that want.

Thanks, Vicki!

Not so much thanks, Vicki.

The next day, I sent her to the Crypt O' Night Club and got as far as ordering dinner before I realised I'd removed the door to the kitchen when I'd changed the interior walls to no-cutaway ones and nobody could actually cook.

So she went... uh, somewhere else, I forget where. FM, I think. I gotta start writing this stuff down. She did get fed there though, so that's all good.

And then she rounded off the week in the best way, with a little sims.

Finally, to the Smith household! Jenny and PT9 waste no time indulging in a little PDA.

They both want to graduate 3 children from college, so I get them straight to work on making babies.

First time was a bust. Oh well, practise makes perfect!

The second time was also a fail and they were just about to try a third time when Johnny burst in.
Johnny: My grades! My grades are awesome!
Jenny: That's fabulous honey. Now go away, we're busy.

By the time Jill gets home with her own good grade news, they're finally done woohooing, although they haven't quite managed to put their clothes back on yet.

Johnny wanted to throw a party, so I let him. Jill wasn't impressed.
Jill: Who the hell are all these people and why are they playing with MY games?


Johnny: How about I buy you a copy of MySims to make up for it?
Jill: You got a deal.

Jenny: Oooh, package.

PT9: Maybe it would've been easier to just adopt.
Well yeah, but the other way was more fun, right?
PT9: It's not as efficient as pollination, but I guess it has its perks.

Also woohoo is free. Jenny's going to be off on maternity leave soon, so PT9's going to have to come out of retirement and get a job to pay the bills because it turns out aliens don't pay their pollinators a pension.

Buck: So your dad used to experiment on sims, yes?
Johnny: Yeah, but he quit ages ago.
Jenny: Honey, I'm home!
Johnny: I don't know her.
Buck: Seriously? That's the thing you're embarrassed about, not the bit where your sisters are also your aunts because your dad knocked up your grandfather?
Johnny: Well no, because you've got your aunts, then you've got your first aunts...

Johnny: You know what, just shut up.


Jenny had a want to invite someone over, so I had her invite over a couple of her brothers. Lazlo looks a bit apprehensive about Jill.
Lazlo: Are you sure you're just my niece and not like, my cousin or sister too?
Jill: Honestly, I could be my own grandmother for all I know.

Sahira Patel came home with Jill, so I quickly had Jenny whip up a batch of Grandma's Comfort Soup. I got a pop-up saying sickness had been cured, but she hadn't actually eaten any at that point, so I'm wondering if it thought morning sickness counted. Anyway, nobody got sick, so maybe she's finally cured?

Jill: Emergency! I've been shot!
Albert: Nee-naw! The ambulance and police are on their way!

It can't be fun and games forever though and that evening the parents help the kids with their homework.

And then it's back to funtime.
Buck: Do I dare ask him if everything's green?

Anyway, Johnny has seven body points and I'd really like him to get one more for a scholarship, so I let him skip school and go to the gym.

Back home, Jenny adopted a puppy named Buffy. Because they couldn't afford a fully-grown dog.

Johnny: *rubs puppy on face*

Johnny: Are you sure you're OK about me skipping school today?
Jenny: It's fine, I know it was for college stuff.


PT9: I know you just wanted me to buy cell phones, but a kite would be cool too.

Oooh, never seen this want before.

Stella: Ooooooh, who's the silver fox?

Jill: I can't get in the shower! My stupid brother's in the way!

Jenny: Eep!
Aw no! And you were so close.

Lazlo's taken to waltzing in whenever he likes and just sitting there for hours on end.

I tried making Jenny talk to him and she wasn't impressed.
Lazlo: I just don't get why everyone in the family's obsessed with babies. You're having one, Pascal and Vidcund had 'em, hell, even Chloe has one!
Jenny: Excuse me, do I come to your house and judge your life!?

Buffy grew up.

Buffy: Look, I brought you a stake!

Riordan Summerdream came home with Jill and spent a while chatting to PT9 about jewellery.

And then it was time for Johnny to join Ophelia at college.
PT9: Bye son! Have fun!

And off he goes.

Just in time to miss the birth of a new sibling.

Jenny: Do something!
PT9: I don't know what to do! Hang on, I'll fetch help!

PT9: Better?
Jill and Riordan: Uh, we don't know what to do either.
Jenny: Is everyone here!? Why not just set up a video camera and stream it online!?
Nobody tell her.

It's a girl!

And Jenny immediately hands the baby over to PT9, which means...

Yup, twins! A boy and a girl. I went with the generic J naming scheme, so their names are Jack and Jane.

Lol no.

It's also Jill's birthday, and I was planning on inviting over some of her relatives, but the Great Strangetown Baked Alaska Competition is taking place and most of them declined.

Jill: More cake for me.

At least Uncle Pascal showed.

PT9: Hooray! My little girl's all grown up!

How Not To Bed: A novel by Jenny Smith.

Buffy's a pretty chill doggie, but she does love her belly rubs.

PT9 had a free morning, so he took Buffy to The Bark Park for the day to test out Rebecah's functional Pet Stories stuff.

I don't care that I've crammed everything into one tiny space. I DON'T CARE. Why the fuck wasn't this sort of stuff in the Pet's EP?

Buffy: It's pretty high. I don't think I wanna do this.

They return home just in time to catch the nanny yelling at Loki for stealing the paper.
Loki: What paper? I don't see any paper. Her eye sight must be going.
PT9: He's got a point.

Nanny: Sleep well my dear.

Nanny: Who whoa whoa, what the hell is this?
Ahhh, yes, I'd hired a nanny to look after the twins while PT9 was out, but he also hired them to track his schedule, so another one turned up. Let's see who's the most competent!

Nanny2: Here, why don't we just put you on the floor instead?
Nanny1: Put that thing back it came from, or so help me.

Jill decided to check out the local shops to spend some of her birthday cash, but didn't buy much other than a cell phone.

And Lazlo broke in again, so Jenny challenged him to a game of chess, which is when I finally noticed they're wearing the same jeans. Ah well, I figure the boots are well suited to the Strangetown climate.

Jenny and PT9 both wanted to throw a party for the twins, so I indulged. The balloons crashed into the ceiling, but never mind.

And this time, the whole family showed (Pascal's here, just not pictured).

First up is Jack.

And Jane.

And then the party score dropped because Nervous showed up uninvited and Vidcund promptly slapped him.
Vidcund: Peeping Tom.

Nervous: How dare you!?
PT9: *ignore*ignore*ignore*

Jane heads straight for the dog food before I can even get my hands on her for a makeover.

Onto the most important part of raising toddlers: potty training.

Jenny: Bored now.

Meanwhile, Jane showers all her affection upon Buffy.
Jane: Fank you for your lubbly food.

She loves that dog more her own family.

Jenny managed to part her from Buffy for a spot of potty training too, although she was far more interested in watching Nanny1 win the Nanny Games by mopping up the mess Lazlo made when he used the shower at the beginning of the week.

Jill: Whose bright idea was it to have a giant garden in the middle of the desert?

Nanny1 was so busy showing off her skills, she forgot to take a toilet break.

Bit early to be drinking, isn't it?
Jill: I just mopped up old lady pee, I need to kill those memories.

The house that Jack drew.

More toddler training faces, this time from PT9.

Jill: Neat, my bath has a built-in fountain.

I completely forgot that PT9 hadn't given Jenny the phone he'd brought her earlier in the week until I went to click on her to call one of her brothers and the option wasn't available. Oops.
PT9: For you, my love.

Buffy and the wolf were sniffing butts but moved just as I went to take a picture.
Buffy: That's private.


They didn't have an alarm and the bastard cockwomble stole the stereo. :(

Thankfully PT9 was able to call the police from the safety of the bedroom. And there were hugs all round.

The police officer actually won and they got back the money for the stolen stereo.

The twins want more retribution though.

Yet more potty training faces.
Jill: I guess it's better than mopping up Nanny pee. Just.

Jessica Peterson stopped by and got stuck in the stairs.
Jessica: I just wanted to look at the paper.

Buffy needed a bath.

And Jessica's plight reminded me that I hadn't seen a paper for days, which was a bit annoying because PT9 really wanted Buffy to get a job. Humble hadn't come round with a free computer either (or if he did, I gave it to Johnny and it's now in college limbo) so Jill went out and brought one.
Jill: I don't even care what the specs are, I want that one.
Happily pretty much all the computers in SimCity have the same specs. No mucking around with GraphicsRules for them.

Then she decided the very top of the stairs was the best place to chat to Bottom Summerdream.
Jill: Yeah, fairies, OK, but my dad is literally an alien.

And he'd better not be making any more babies!

Radioactive twin toddler training in tandem. Try saying that five times fast.

And we finish off Strangetown with a lovely shot of Jack mucking around in the toilet.

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