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Chapter Four Sprites. Lots of them. You even get bonus ones that don't appear in the game, where I pasted faces onto characters who change clothes but don't use all their face sprites. The only one I couldn't shop was Derek in his casual clothes, stading in operation pose. Oh well.

Derek in his Hope Hospital outfit and casual outfit - 13 sprites )

Casual Angie - 6 sprites )

Greg Kasal - 3 sprites )

Cybil Kasal - 2 sprites )

Mary Fulton - 3 sprites )

Kenneth Blackwell - 2 sprites )

Prison guard - 1 sprite )

Backgrounds and extras )
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Sprites and images from Chapter 1. The artwork is drastically different from the first game and sometimes the changes in expression are very subtle. Also, I hate doing the operations on a PC. I can do them, I just prefer not to. So it is entirely possible that I may have missed a spirte or two by accident. If you know of any that I've missed in this chapter, do let me know.

But that said, I'm pretty sure I got them all.


Angie - 6 sprites. )

Derek - 6 sprites )

Adel - 5 sprites )

Kafi - 3 sprites )

Sylvia - 2 sprites )

Other sprites )

Backgrounds and maps )

Bonus operation sprites and caps )

Don't forget, I also have ALL the sprites from the first DS game, along with background, maps and cutscenes. You can find them by clicking on the handy 'trauma center' tag to your left there.


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