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Good news everyone! I've made a proper website for the sprites, so they're all nicely sorted by game and character, and aren't in danger of getting lost among my crap here. Works best in Firefox - for some reason, Internet Explorer eats my gorgeous banner, possibly because it's a semi-transparent png file. I could make it a gif, but that would lower the quality and dammit, why SHOULD I change it? Er. Anyway, it's here: http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/sushigal007/ and it has all the caps I've done so far. I might add other graphics to it once I've finished the sprites, I dunno.

Anyway. Todays sprites are fom both Chapter Five AND Six. Because my friend's internet was down and I had nothing else to do. There's a lot of bit characters here.

Flashback and HOA Adel - 4 sprites )

Flashback Tyler - 3 sprites )

Patrick Mercer - 2 sprites )

Heinrich von Raitenau - 4 sprites )

Reina Mayuzumi, her driver, Karl and Christine, the other HOA doctor, some random grunts, bloke from Mercer's office, the Delphi minion and Detective Buckley - 1 sprite of each )

Maps and backgrounds and stuff )
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Chapter Two sprites this time. Again, the expressions can change very subtly and I didn't play many operations on the PC, so it's possible that I've missed one or two. If you know of any in this chapter that I haven't posted, let me know.

Now the sprites.

Tyler 'Pritty Hairs' Chase - 3 sprites )

Linda Reid - 3 sprites )

Victor Niguel - 2 sprites )

Robert Hoffman - 2 sprites )

Sidney Kasal - 2 sprites )

Heather Ross - 2 sprites )

Leslie Sears, Stephen Clarks and Emilio Juarez - 1 sprite each )

Maps and backgrounds )

Bits n' bobs )
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Cadeceus staff - Cybil, Sidney Kasal, Tyler, Leslie, Dr Clarks and Victor. There's also Anderson, Langston Miller and the soldier who drives the jeep in Africa, because I guess they're kind of employed by Cadeceus as well.

Cybil - 4 sprites )

Sidney Kasal - 2 sprites )

Leslie - 2 sprites )

Tyler - 3 sprites )

Dr Clarks and Victor - 1 sprite each )

Anderson - 4 sprites )

Miller and the soldier - 1 sprite each )


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