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Another content list so I can add it all to my masterpost. Pictures go to the posts with the download info and stuff.
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Cross-posted from GOS, just in case the servers ever go down again.

Way back in June 2012, the Maxis Taste livejournal community had their Gender Bender dare. I found it very enjoyable, and as genderswapping the sims turned out to be easier than I expected, I decided to go and make an entire genderswapped uberhood, using Tarlia's clean templates.
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 Got a few creations floating around that aren't on my Master List, which does rather defeat the purpose of having one. So!
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A couple of people asked me to upload this, so here you go. Twelve extra challenges for the Mega List Of Mini Challenges generator by Chitina's boyfriend. The original challenges listed by Nett are still there, unaltered. :)

Challenge details and download link under the cut )
Now unlocked!
ETA: And now linked to the correct generator!
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You know what? I think it's about time I posted some of my downloads that are scattered all over the internet. I mean, that's why I made this journal, to keep all my stuff in one place. So.

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Hi there everyone! Enjoying December? Done all your gift shopping? No, me neither. But I do have virtual presents!

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Hi! I have a small present for you guys.

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Oct. 4th, 2011 10:45 pm
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Would you like some flags in your game? I dunno about you guys, but I've been wanting some flags to put on the walls of my nations for ages. Also, I'm sick of revising. Did I mention that already? Sorry. But it's true. So I flexed my fingers and made a bunch of flags for the game. 50 of them, to be exact, all a little tatty because I like them like that. Most of them are nations, although there's also a pirate flag, an Olympic flag, a UN flag and an EU flag. There's also a UK flag as well as ones for England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, because... well, because. Most of the flag images were yoinked from think0 on DeviantArt, others from Google Images. I've missed some out, probably some obvious ones because it's hot and my brain has melted, so if there's a flag you think I should do, let me know.

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Remember my Seychelles? Well, I've been trying to improve her hair. And you'll be pleased to hear I've succeeded. :D

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Would you like some sim teens? I have for download all the offspring produced in World Is Mine. That's 24 teens of various nationalities, some or which are out of this world. Sorry, bad joke. Anyway, they've all been cloned in Bodyshop and so shouldn't have any extra game data clinging to them. None of them have accessories, so no faffing around hunting for missing meshes. They're available in both Sims2Pack and zip, for s2p files, just download, double-click the installer file and hey presto, they're in your game. Unzip the zips to your Documents/EA Games/Sims 2/Downloads folder. You'll find them in the sim bin in CAS, in the teen age group. From there you can age them up and down as you wish.

Now onto the kids!

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Aliens abduct your lone parent and social worker abduct the children? Fire kill your heir and spare? Triplets and quads hack fill your house with babies? No need to panic, just remember the advice of the British government and Keep Calm And Carry On.

Honestly, I would be surprised if this hasn't already been done, but my half-arsed search turned up nothing and I haven't recoloured a mesh in ages, so I thought this would be a nice, gentle way to get back into it. So, many hours later I have a great big rainbow of posters for you. Yay! They're recolours of the 180$ framed Lady On Red basegame mesh. I also have some unframed ones, but they use a Freetime mesh and I want to hang onto them until I can work out how to extract the mesh for sharing too.

Anyway. First up, 36 parody posters. Little bit of swearing, a few pop culture references and stuff relevant to the game.
Previews. )

Next, 16 basic posters in a variety of colours, plus a Union flag background.
More previews. )

"But I don't play a realistic game," you say. Don't worry though, the basic posters are also available in Simlish.
Even more previews! )

ETA: But wait! There's more! After I made this post, I sat back and thought "shame I can't offer the parody ones in Simlish too." And then I thought, "wait, WHY can't I offer the parody ones in Simlish too? I can recreate the ones with backgrounds, maybe find a Simlish Sims logo..." And so, a batch of parody Simlish posters was born.
We heard you leik preveiws. )

So don't panic next time your sim gets fired one job tier away from achieving their LTW, or the repoman takes that shiny TV you just brought, or the plastic surgery machine turns your prettiest sim's face inside out. Slap a poster on the wall, fake a stiff upper lip and Keep Calm And Carry On!
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I blame Canada Japan for this. Once I was done dealing with his outfit, I looked at Seychelles again and thought "I'm sure it wouldn't really be that much trouble to make her a proper outfit." There's nothing really wrong with the one she had, but the shortness and the incorrect shoes bothered me. And so I made her a new outfit.

Details and download under the cut. )
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So my sister took my kid for a sleepover. Instead of doing something productive, like housework or uni work, I decided to finish making outfits for Taiwan and Japan. And here are the results of hours of procrastination!


NOTE: The mesh for Japan's outfit now has a fat morph and a preg morph. You can download the mesh on its own here. Just let it overwrite the old file. The zip and sims2pack have also been updated to include the updated mesh.

Pretty simmies this way. )


May. 23rd, 2011 11:36 pm
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While setting up my Russia challenge, I realised I needed more nations. And I figured I'd share. Because there can never be too many nations to download. There are eight altogether, enough to fill a house. Oh, and they're for Sims 2.


And you can find all this lot under the cut.

I've got the whole world in my game~ )


Apr. 6th, 2010 09:26 pm
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I made you guys a present. >:3

But France eated it. Off England's arm. )


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