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Rottenella from Lazy Town. This time I had the sense to grab a screencap to add in a few bitty details, so she's got the piping on her skirts and the twiddly bits of ribbon in her hair. She's fabulous. I wish they'd bring her back for another episode.

She's a dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen... hours old. )
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Zoe again. This time she has the boa. But. Um. Not a lot else. Yeah. This would be one of the pictures Isobel took when Jamie and the Doctor were off investigating.

Not entirely worksafe Zoe. )
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I'm on a roll tonight, haha. Anyway, Franziska Von Karma, fully clothed this time but just as pretty.

Click here, fool. )
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Rawr, proper person fanart! Usually I stick to cartoon people because I suck at making people look real. And OK, she still looks like a cartoon, but that's OK because Cosgrove Hall made her a cartoon first. A new style of computer editing for me - I was sick of outlining people with a mouse, I wanted to keep my original pencilwork in there somehow. A bit of playing with thresholds finally paid off.

Zoe Heriot in her Invasion outfit. But without the boa. No way am I drawing those stupid feathers. )
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Maya at night with some snowdrops in the background.

Pretty. )
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Franziska Von Karma posing in her knickers. Yeah. I can't write smut, but I can draw ladies in their underwear!

Fools. )


Feb. 29th, 2008 11:14 pm
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Drawn with pencil on paper, outlined and coloured in PSP. Here because I love her so.

She was robbed. )


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