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Hello, welcome back to the Uberhood! Sorry it's been so long, I really have no excuse. Just game maintenance (I wanted the shops in my genderswapped uberhood to be owned too) and general life stuff (exams, sports day, the sudden desire to clean my desk) getting in the way of updating. But I finally sat down and finished writing, so here, have an update.

So, Rick. I don't want to judge him too quickly, but a quick look at the family relationships doesn't do him any favours. Unlike Lilith Pleasant, whose parents hate her possibly even more than she hates them, Rick's parents like him just fine despite the fact that he hates their guts. Soooo I'm afraid right now, I think he's a complete douchebag.

I sent him on a shopping spree for some electronics because why not.
Rick: *gloom*

Amber: Isn't this the coolest?
Rick: *gloooooooom*

I thought breakdancing might break the gloom cloud.

Breakdancer: OK, so start with a jump to the left, then a step to the right.

Breakdancer: No, no, that's MY left, not... agh, I can't watch!
And my computer couldn't stand it either and crashed seconds later.

When it loaded up again, the Jocque's invited the household downtown, so I sent them to Lucky Shack Cards and Drinks.
Violet: Don't gamble. It's not safe.

I guess the game agreed gambling wasn't safe either because it crashed just after this picture.

Once reloaded, I took another look at Rick's relationships and saw this. Which, no. NOTP. I shall be friendzoning these two as soon as I see Violet again.

Are you sure it wasn't all the hair in his face making him hard to recognise?

I didn't even know he knew her.

Anyway, Rick wanted to get into private school, so I invited the headmaster over.

So of course, Edward and Opal chose that exact moment to get laid.

Whatever. If Rick wants into school, he can do the work himself.

Rick: *ditches headmaster and lets some townie take over*
Oh. Oh, OK.

Still, that doesn't mean his parents don't care though, Opal keeps rolling wants to help him with his schoolwork.

Huh. I should let townies chat up the headmaster more often.

Opal: Now you're in private school, you'll have to take your schoolwork more seriously. Would you like a hand with your homework?
Rick: Go away Mother, I hate you.

Rick: Also your shoes are horrid.

Rick does end up sneaking out with Hermia, who shows up in a car I could actually believe her family own.

He manages to get home without getting caught.

Opal: Why is my son such a snot?

Edward got promoted and brought Lazlo home with him.

And then they spent the next few hours playing kicky bag in the road.

Then I zoomed out and WTF is that thing???

It's nice that they're still supportive in spite of his slipping grades.

Lazlo: And scissors beats paper!
Edward: What? What, no, obviously this is Spock, not paper!

After Edward stomped off in a huff, Lazlo and Opal gushed over skiing.

I brought the household a synth. It was as exciting as it sounds.

Goddammit, Edward.


Rick: I don't want to die! I want to stay alive and piss my parents off!

I didn't fancy nursing all the household through flu, so I sent Edward to the First Aid Station in Strangetown.

I hope that soup got put in a proper container before Edward stuck it in that paper bag.

I also hope he didn't infect everyone else here. Oops.

Opal: This is nice.
Rick: *gloooooooooooooom*


Edward: Oooh, birds. Fascinating.

Edward: I could've sworn I had a butterfly here a minute ago.

Rick: Now I can compose music as dark... as my soul.

Random townie lady comes home from work with Edward and offers him money, which is always appreciated.

Opal still wanted to help Rick with his homework, but their relationship was pretty low still, but it worked when I had him ask her for help instead of her offer to help, so yay, that's something to remember.

Rick: Ugh. *GLOOM*

Edward: So I saw these amazing tits-
Opal: Could you just not make stupid bird jokes about boobs? It really kills the mood.


Dodgeball isn't a big thing in my country and I've never played it, so I admit my opinion might be being swayed by South Park and the Dodgeball movie, but that doesn't sound anywhere near violent enough to be real dodgeball. I demand a rematch!

Rick: I can't believe you're making me do this. Filling in these holes won't fill the holes... in my soul.

Oh yeah, Edward got demoted at one point. Now he's been repromoted. Hooray for bonus money!

Did I mention that Rick's LTW is to become the next Billy Elliot? I brought him a barre to practise with.

Rick: But am I doing it for the money, or for the art? I'm so conflicted... in my soul.

One of the reasons the household's so poor is because Opal lost her job at the beginning of the week and could only find crappy service jobs, so I sent her to the library to look at the job noticeboard.
Opal: They put my diary on the shelves! I can't let anyone see this!

She took Rick to the sports park for some footie.
Rick: Mother, this is so confor-
Opal: Shut up Rick, just enjoy the World Cup atmosphere for a little, OK?
(OK, I know the Cup is over, but it was on when I started writing and I can't be bothered to change it now.)

Later on, I sent Edward to the library too so he could try for a logic point. He's been doing the crossword whenever he can get a newspaper before it gets stolen, but it's just too slow and they can't afford a chess table of their own.

Especially not after I let Opal spend all the remaining household money on shoes and handbags.

Hooray for more promotions!

I let him invite Violet over and this is how he greeted her. It's almost as if he suspected my plan to friendzone her and wanted to get one last tongue sarnie in.

Marcel: How are they even breathing?

Rick: So, how do you like the family meal, Violet?
Violet: It's all right.
Rick: You can have family meals here forever, if you like.
Violet: Uh, no.
That's enough of that, Rick.

Edward: Ow! What was that for?
Rick: I'm sure this was somehow your fault.

Violet doesn't care, she'd just here to shoot some hoops.

And Edward is valiantly resisting the urge to hit Rick in the face with a ball.

And the week ends with a celebration shag.

Over to the Bell household! Where Sharon and Hannah are beautiful ballerinas.

Beautiful buff ballerinas.

Oh hey, it's Justin Kim! Hi Justin-

It turns out Justin may be carrying the plague.

Hannah: Right, so I'll need chicken, vegetables and human antibodies. Yummy.

Justin was still hanging around, so I used the Call To Meal option in the hope it would cure him too.

*head desk repeatedly*

Daniel: I feel much better now I've had a second bowl, but if you reinfect me, I'll have to take a bath in the stuff.

Later on, the household got invited Downtown. I know things were really crashy when I sent the Contrary's out, but I decided to risk it anyway and sent them all to Lulu Lounge.

And that was their outing.

More homework time.

I don't think I've ever seen a sim carry that many dishes at once. And there were still several left on the table.

The jobs and LTWs in this household are messed up. Sharon's in the Dance career and wants to be an entertainer. Issac is in the Entertainment industry but wants to be a ballerina. I wonder if that was intentional? Anyway, after they're all done hunting for jobs, Hannah nabs the computer to chat.
Hannah: Hmm... penis... penis... penis... oh, this guy's fully clo-oh wait, he's getting his dick out. Ugh.

We decided it'd probably be safer to play outside instead.

Greg Ottomas, the non-alien twin, came home with Daniel and they played... well, it says football, but as a Brit, I cannot bring myself to call it that.

Later that evening, John Mole came walking by and Sharon intercepted him.

Issac: What are you doing?
Sharon: Oh, hi, Issac! I was just uh, showing John your bed.
Issac: It's lovely, isn't it? I was just about to sleep in it.

John: Oooh, this really is comfy.
Sharon: Why don't you have mods to make all my dreams come true?
Because no.

Peter Ottomas came over to pick Greg up and wound up staying for dinner. In fact, the entire dinner was People Who Do Not Live Here, Why Are You In My House?

Sharon wanted a date, so I had a look at the crystal ball and zapped Gilbert Jacquet over. They instantly start drooling over each other, which is a good sign.

I thought they might enjoy a night out at The Hub.

Gilbert: How very dare you.

Gilbert: I'll have you know, just because I'm a Romance sim, doesn't mean I'm easy.
Sharon: Well that's no fun.

Sharon: This is way more entertaining.

Despite the relationship dip, they had a good time.

Have I mentioned recently how much I love the OFB EP? Probably, but I'm going to do it again while I show off the tat shop. I have all this lovely clutter and I almost never use it because I get sick of decorating and want to play, so I decided to makeover one of my clothing stores (got too many anyway) and sell pretty trinkets. That way I'll actually use them. And another money sink is always good.

Sharon: I don't know where to start. Can I just buy it all?

Quick break for lunch in the pub, where the waitress seems to have a bit of a thing for the host.

And here's the result of Sharon's shopping spree. Eat your heart out, TS4, I have functional shops.

Hannah: Mmmm, they smell SO GOOD.
Pregnancy cravings?
Hannah: I'm not pregnant, I just really like flowers.

The queue-stomping for this occasionally annoys me, but I can never stay mad for long because awww, look, they're so cute.

Hannah, you have a bed indoors. Go there.

I meant to sleep, but OK.
Hannah: Wanna wrestle?

Issac: I love wrestling!
You'll love TS4 then.

Daniel: I love you, Mr Teddy. I'll never let us be parted.
Teddy: I love you too!
Daniel: Whoa, a talking teddy!? I'm gonna sell you and be a millionaire!

Breakfast shot. Because I like group meals.

Issac: I think I'll paint my feelings.
Oh, so that's what BETRAYAL looks like in oils?
Issac: I don't know what you're talking about.

Mmmhmm. Fascinating. Tell me more.

Anyway, I sent Hannah out to the Bluewater Village Micro Mall to buy a coffee machine, then I remembered the kitchen gadget store's in the genderswapped uberhood, not this one, so she had to buy coffee instead.

Sharon: Don't know why she trekked all the way to Bluewater for coffee, we've got a coffee maker right here.
Was that there before? I can't remember. Oh well, enjoy the coffee machine.

Now with bonus invisible coffeecup.

Bonus invisible coffee in your lap.

So, Issac invited Lola over and greeted her like this and instantly became like 1000% more interesting.

I think he's having second thoughts.

Lola: Honestly, I'm not sure I want all that drama anyway.

Lola: Plus he eats like a pig.

Etsu Cho came home from school with Daniel.

Hope she's not interested in meeting his parents, they're got other priorities right now.

Issac: You're the only woman for me!
Hannah: That's always reassuring to hear.

Daniel' birthday was coming up, so I sent Hannah out shopping for a birthday present for him.

Daniel: I wish for a pony.
Alas, I do not have any CC ponies in this game. Could I interest you in an elephant?

Hannah: Toot toot, happy birthday, I just got laid.

Daniel: Wow, I am one smoking hot piece of man-meat! Right, Etsu?
Etsu: Meh.

Hannah: Big boys still need to do their homework.
Daniel: Ugh.
Hannah: It's your primary school homework, you shouldn't find it too difficult now.

Hannah: Oh, while I was out, I brought you a present!
Sharon: Is it a teddy bear crafted out of Don Lothario's chest hair?
Hannah: ...No, but you can use it to call him and ask for a free sample.

Hannah: And one for you too, birthday boy.
Daniel: GASP!

He may be twice as old as her now, but Daniel still likes Etsu.

Issac and Hannah: Again!

The next day, I decided that Daniel needed some more friends his age, so I sent him to the sports park.

Excuse me, what do you think you're doing? This place isn't free, you know.
Daniel: I'd really much rather play sports on this.
Go and meet people, FFS!

Hi Lilith!

I think I mentioned before that I get apprehensive when Lilith is on a lot because people like to antagonise her, but then in a moment of utter adorable, grandaddy Herb showed up and gave her a hug. Aww.

I think Operation: Meet Teens was a success.

Back home, Issac got fit.
Issac: I hear ladies like muscles.
OK, one, ladies are not a hive mind. There's a bunch of TTOs in this game other than fitness and two, don't you think you have enough lady drama going on?
Issac: ...
How's the Couple's Counselling coming on, by the way?
Issac: I hate you.

Sharon: Just watching out for her. She has nightmares sometimes.

Nightmares about the neighbours stealing all the papers maybe?

Hannah: Mars is br-
Don't you dare.

Sharon: Mars-

Hannah: Ugh, I have a tummy ache.

I made Daniel do the gardening.

Then I rewarded him for it.
Daniel: This is so much fun!!! :D

Natasha: Headlines are boring today. Ooh, but Gustav's having a sale on cheese.

Daniel: Hey, while you're here, could you give me a hand with the gardening?
Natasha: I don't want to.
Daniel: I'll make you a grilled cheese sandwich.

Natasha: The kid drives a hard bargain.

And Natasha raking all the leaves means Daniel's free to greet Rick Contrary as he goes strolling past.

Hannah: Gasp! Maybe those flowers were cravings after all.

No matter how many children you may have, you're never too old to play in leaves.

I'm unsure whether Sharon is complementing Hannah's pregnancy boobs or artwork in the bedroom, but either way, Hannah seems happy about it.

Hannah: Oops, totally forgot I had another present for you too.
Sharon: For me!? Aww, you're the best, sis.

And then I heard DRAMA boings and was very confused.

Well. I don't know why Victor and Elizabeth Aspir decided to barge in and have a domestic, but I know who I'm playing next round! See you then!

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