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And finally, Chapter 7. Also, the X touch buttons. Well, the two I know of, it's possible there's others past Bythos, but if there are you'll just have to wait for them.
Anyway. Sprites.

Adel - 2 sprites )

Patrick Mercer - 2 sprites )

Annie Fisher - 2 sprites )

Reina Mayuzumi, the HOA doctor and an army guy - 1 sprite each )

Backgrounds and extras and what-not )
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Good news everyone! I've made a proper website for the sprites, so they're all nicely sorted by game and character, and aren't in danger of getting lost among my crap here. Works best in Firefox - for some reason, Internet Explorer eats my gorgeous banner, possibly because it's a semi-transparent png file. I could make it a gif, but that would lower the quality and dammit, why SHOULD I change it? Er. Anyway, it's here: http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/sushigal007/ and it has all the caps I've done so far. I might add other graphics to it once I've finished the sprites, I dunno.

Anyway. Todays sprites are fom both Chapter Five AND Six. Because my friend's internet was down and I had nothing else to do. There's a lot of bit characters here.

Flashback and HOA Adel - 4 sprites )

Flashback Tyler - 3 sprites )

Patrick Mercer - 2 sprites )

Heinrich von Raitenau - 4 sprites )

Reina Mayuzumi, her driver, Karl and Christine, the other HOA doctor, some random grunts, bloke from Mercer's office, the Delphi minion and Detective Buckley - 1 sprite of each )

Maps and backgrounds and stuff )
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Chapter Four Sprites. Lots of them. You even get bonus ones that don't appear in the game, where I pasted faces onto characters who change clothes but don't use all their face sprites. The only one I couldn't shop was Derek in his casual clothes, stading in operation pose. Oh well.

Derek in his Hope Hospital outfit and casual outfit - 13 sprites )

Casual Angie - 6 sprites )

Greg Kasal - 3 sprites )

Cybil Kasal - 2 sprites )

Mary Fulton - 3 sprites )

Kenneth Blackwell - 2 sprites )

Prison guard - 1 sprite )

Backgrounds and extras )
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Chapter Two sprites this time. Again, the expressions can change very subtly and I didn't play many operations on the PC, so it's possible that I've missed one or two. If you know of any in this chapter that I haven't posted, let me know.

Now the sprites.

Tyler 'Pritty Hairs' Chase - 3 sprites )

Linda Reid - 3 sprites )

Victor Niguel - 2 sprites )

Robert Hoffman - 2 sprites )

Sidney Kasal - 2 sprites )

Heather Ross - 2 sprites )

Leslie Sears, Stephen Clarks and Emilio Juarez - 1 sprite each )

Maps and backgrounds )

Bits n' bobs )
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Sprites and images from Chapter 1. The artwork is drastically different from the first game and sometimes the changes in expression are very subtle. Also, I hate doing the operations on a PC. I can do them, I just prefer not to. So it is entirely possible that I may have missed a spirte or two by accident. If you know of any that I've missed in this chapter, do let me know.

But that said, I'm pretty sure I got them all.


Angie - 6 sprites. )

Derek - 6 sprites )

Adel - 5 sprites )

Kafi - 3 sprites )

Sylvia - 2 sprites )

Other sprites )

Backgrounds and maps )

Bonus operation sprites and caps )

Don't forget, I also have ALL the sprites from the first DS game, along with background, maps and cutscenes. You can find them by clicking on the handy 'trauma center' tag to your left there.
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Cadeceus staff - Cybil, Sidney Kasal, Tyler, Leslie, Dr Clarks and Victor. There's also Anderson, Langston Miller and the soldier who drives the jeep in Africa, because I guess they're kind of employed by Cadeceus as well.

Cybil - 4 sprites )

Sidney Kasal - 2 sprites )

Leslie - 2 sprites )

Tyler - 3 sprites )

Dr Clarks and Victor - 1 sprite each )

Anderson - 4 sprites )

Miller and the soldier - 1 sprite each )
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Hope Hospital Staff. Mary, Dr Hoffman and Greg Kasal. Yes, I know Hoffman takes over Cadeceus, but we first see him at Hope, so his sprites are going here.

Mary - 3 sprites )

Dr Hoffman - 3 sprites )

Greg Kasal - 5 sprites )


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