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I know, I know, it's late! I'm sorry! But here's why:
Me: Hmm, we're about to go on holiday for a few days. Should I post day twelve now even though I only posted day eleven six hours ago?
My BFF Joey, the birthday holiday gal (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!): Nah, it's ok, you can use my wireless internet dongle when we get there.
*six hours later*
Wireless Internet Dongle: No network found.
Little Miss 30: Never mind. We'll drive to a town tomorrow and try it there.
*in town*
Wireless Internet Dongle: Unable to connect to network.
Me: Ugh, stupid thi-oooh, there's public wifi!
Cornwall Public WiFi: Please login using your non-existent library card number.
And so I had to wait until we got home. Which is now. So, have a belated day twelve!

The Twelfth Day Of Christmas. )
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Drat, late again. Didn't I tell you they'd be late? Ah well, it's still day ten for some of the world. ^^

The Tenth Day of Christmas. )
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Am I on time? Oooh, just about! Three-quarters of the way through now! Anyone got any ideas for the last three days? I'm kind of running on empty now.

The Ninth Day of Christmas. )
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Whew, this is getting slightly out of hand now! Chaos and swearing and nudity under the cut. Which isn't anything new, but there's even more of it than usual today.

The Seventh Day of Christmas. )
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Happy New Year! Sorry in advance for any typos, I'm slightly tiddly on good feelings and most of a bottle of mulled wine I found in the corner of the kitchen. :D

The Sixth Day of Christmas. )
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Eee, almost halfway there! Rapidly running out of ideas though. And RAM.

The Fifth Day of Christmas. )
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A little later, but hey, it's not past midnight yet! And in my defence, I only today realised we were missing someone I needed for day 4.

The Fourth Day of Christmas. )
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That's more like it, heh. Of course, now I've said that, every single entry from now on will be late. Just you wait and see.

The Third Day of Christmas. )
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I AM SO GOOD AT STICKING TO STUFF! It's still the second day in some parts of the world, right? Stupid, stupid game... had it all posed, hit f7 to take a screenshot and 'the application has crashed.' Boo, hiss. I'll be sensible and start posing day 3 now instead of leaving it until 9pm when I know it takes more than an hour for my game to load.

The Second Day of Christmas. )
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Just a little more seasonal silliness. When [livejournal.com profile] sayonara_chan first suggested a quick seasonal challenge, the conversation quickly turned into one about the Twelve Days of Christmas song, and what Santa Finland could bring each day. Sooooo I decided to pose it and post it. ^^ Please feel free to post suggestions for other days, or your own versions!

The First Day of Christmas. )


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