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Hey everyone! I'm sure it hasn't been that long-HOW MANY MONTHS? Yeesh! OK, sorry this one took such a long time. I really have no excuses, I had the pictures all cropped and edited and uploaded, and then just couldn't be bothered writing stuff. But it's a new year, so time to stop procrastinating and get stuff done. So on with the update!

So the challenge for this week is a magical memory wipe. I decided Slovenia was going to be my lucky warlock.

I could've cheated, or used an aspiration reward potion - actually, maybe not, his aspiration is usually in the toilet - but I decided to do the legwork and hunt down a real witch for this. And what better place to find scary magic people than at the Crypt O' Nightclub?

Slovenia: The only scary magic creature here is me. And I could do with some brains, I'm bored out of mine.

And then I remembered the evil witch was always showing up at the cinema, presumably to indulge in Harry Potter marathons. Happily, the business has stayed in the family, so I sent Slovenia along there and lo and behold!
Witch: Awww yisssss, Hocus Pocus is showing tonight!

Slovenia: Hi.
Witch: OH MY GOD, a real live zombie!

Alas, despite her initial enthusiasm, she's not all that keen to come round and share her evil secrets.

Finally we manage to lure her over.

Slovenia: Ow! Can't you just teach me how to be evil?
Witch: It's a demonstration. Evil is knowing when you can smack someone in the face with a missile and seizing that opportunity whenever possible.

She really didn't want to make friends with him. I felt bad for her because he was totally into her while she was just NOPE, but dammit, I need your sorcery! Then you can ignore him forever.
Witch: Ugh.

An angel, a zombie, a witch and an army of gnomes. Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke.

Witch: All right, let's get this over with.

It's like Beauty and the Beast except there's no hot guy at the end.
Slovenia: Hey!

Sorry, but that pop-up combination just made me laugh.

I decided to give Slovenia his own little room of evil in the garage. It's even got one of those secret bookcase doors to hide it from everyone else.

Slovenia: Time for some magic! Let's see if I can wipe that dickhead Austria from my mind.

You sure wiped him from your mind, all right!
Slovenia: Wiped who?

We interrupt your memory wipe to bring you a homework party.
Canada: This party sucks. There isn't even any cake.

Back to the mindwipe. And it's super-effective!

That's so inappropriate.

It took a while for the spell to work, but Slovenia eventually got Canada.
Canada: I don't remember my name, but I remember how to play the piano?

Slovenia happened.

But not even amnesia can wipe away the urge to steal back gnomes.
Austria: I may not remember buying them, but there's a gap in the army and unless they deserted, logically they've been stolen. And we can't have that.

Cania: Some day Daddy will love me as much as the cat.
You might have to go and introduce yourself first.

I love how Austria is still in character and wants to play with all the musical instruments.

Canada: Ew, there's something... shambling across the lawn.
Yes, that's your housemate and ex-lover.
Canada: That's ex because he's a zombie, right? Right?

In some cases, it's because you made them that way.

I do love that the memory wipe spell doesn't wipe the animals. You can forget your husband, but never forget that really cute fluffy kitten you saw once!

Austria: Are none of you going to bed?
Canada: We don't know where the beds are.

Butler: That shitstain forgot me!? I'll refresh his memory.

Canada somehow remembers owning a holiday home, so I thought I might send them there to get to know each other.
Canada: Well it's not so much that I remember, but I have a deed in my pocket and I want to see what it's like.

Speaking of not remembering stuff, a townie apparently got eaten and I missed it. No idea who they are. Maybe I'll recognise the ghost.

Austria: Don't tell me not to lecture you, I know you broke the shower, asshole!
Slovenia: Wait, I'm beginning to remember something! Oh yeah: I don't like you.

Amusingly enough, the school bus and carpool showed up at the same time as the airport shuttle and Austria was the only one to get in. I guess everyone else had their drivers take a detour to drop them off at the airport.

Happily, everyone showed up safely at the vacation home and Canada decided it might be a good idea to get to know all these children.
Canada: Are you sure there's four? It's not just two running around and changing clothes just to fuck with me?

As you can see, now their parents don't know them, the children are thriving.

Austrada: This seems dangerous. Shouldn't someone be looking after us?
You're right.

As he wanted to get to know them so badly, I had Canada take the children to the beach.
Canada: Wait, which ones were mine again?
All of them.

Pirate ghost detected!

Austria: Ahhh. Nothing like hot springs.
Slovenia: I think I might be turning into soup.
Austria: Done with the hot springs.

Why do we have to buy airline tickets for witches and warlocks?
Slovenia: Hey, brooms are only intended to be used for short journeys. There's no in-flight meal on this thing.

Aww. They still don't know each other well enough to sleep in the same bed though.

More child bonding. Austria's clearly choosing favourites.
Austria: Oh, I thought it was a different child.

Austria: That one's different, yes?
Austria: And that one?
No, that's still Cania.

Unsavoury Charlatan: Oh my goodness, would you look at that!
Austria: What? What is it?

Unsavoury Charlatan: Some scumbag's just nicked your wallet!
Austria: Hey!

Austria: You give me no option but to aggressively hug you.

It turns out the UC doesn't like hugs.

Back at the house, the dads indulge the only acceptable form of Dad Dancing.

Playtime on the beach.

Does that feel good? Because I kind of get the impression that it's not a great idea to leave dead things out in the sun.
Slovenia: Well, I can't smell myself, so I don't really care.

But before long, it's back home, back to work... and oh my, would you look at that, Canada's got a promotion.

And not just any promotion either! It's a Lifetime Want promotion, which means I can start off the new year with my favourite thing!

Yes! Out with the old, in with the new!
Canada: Wait, I'm not even old!

But nobody wants to dwell upon such sinister thoughts, so here's a picture of newly grown-up Lemon to take your mind off things. Aww.

Oh, and here's the next challenge!

That actually looks like fun!

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