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I know I was just going to concentrate on Riverblossom Hills this time, but then I did a sensible thing and went and wrote down all the families in each hood to see who was left and I realised I still had unplayed single sims living in Veronaville and Bluewater too. So, single sims ahoy!

First up is Chester Gieke, who moved into an apartment in Veronaville. I'd completely forgotten that he was engaged to Bianca, but I'm not going to let him marry her because she has a bigger apartment.

Job hunting.

Because Chester is very poor. Too poor for a maid.
Chester: But I want-

He brought home Sandy Bruty, one of the few townies I've bothered to make over, because she's adorable.

Chillaxing at the spa.

Sweating in the sauna.

Being followed by people in grubby swimsuits. I should really do something about all that castaway gear my sims love to wear. Like turning those sims into zombies.

Chester: Itchy. :(

Kent: Hi.

I can't wait for you to get married and stop being boring.
Chester: I'M TRYING.

No you're not, you liar.

Chester: How about now?

Chester: NOW?
That does help actually, yes.

Of course, now you have to eat it.

You never know, they might be able to afford a honeymoon.

Speaking of, I invited over his fiancée so they could, I dunno, do something together. Chester was so eager to see her, he didn't even bother to open the door.

For some reason, Photobucket has decided this picture is against the rules.
Chester: Our baby. Our baby that we made together. Aww. Hi baby! I'm your daddy!
Bianca: If only we'd stuck to making out, I wouldn't have been gestating for 17 months.
And counting.

They went on a date but it wasn't the greatest, possibly because Bianca's 17 months pregnant.

You own a bed. Use it.

Chester: Please?
What, and they can sleep in your bed, seeing as you aren't using it? I'm tempted, but you're leaving this place soon.

I sent them on another date to check out the local wedding facilities.
Bianca: I've been reading up, and it turns out my parents are liars and there's nothing stopping us from eloping and not inviting them.

Bianca: Although this place is rather nice.

Bianca: And the seating arrangements are excellent.

Chester: Right now, I'd agree to get married in Vegas with an Elvis impersonator.

That's probably not safe for the baby.


Unsavoury Charlatan: Hello, yes, I am in charge of this venue, if you would like to just pay a deposit up-front-
Bianca: No.
UC: I'll just take your whole wallet them.

Bianca: I can't believe he just robbed a pregnant woman.

Chester called the police...

But it still put a bit of a damper on their date.

Are you going to do that all day?
Chester: No.

Chester: I'm going to do THIS all day.

Just don't break her pregmorph this time.

(Apparently this picture is against Photobucket rules too.)
He does need other friends though, so I sent him to market.
Chester: My fiancée says I'm out of this world.
Goneril: She wishes. Literally.

Why did I cap this?

I know why I capped this though. I dread to think how much time they'll spend doing this when they actually live together.

Chester: Arr, it's Dread Captain Gieke here with a fine plunder o' booty. Because I plundered that booty. Harr harr.

Amber: Have you considered bringing your fiancée here for a relaxing pampering session?
Chester: Actually, I think she'd like the next lot better.


Chester: I'm going to eat cupcakes forever.

And he finally figured out where his bed was.

To Bluewater Village and Florence Delarosa!

Romeo: Do you sell cowplants?
Florence: Yes! I have small potted cowplants for that non-lethal cowplant experience.
Romeo: Right, yes, very nice. But do you have the murder version? For... security reasons?
Florence: Get out of my shop.

Florence: But first, let me take your money.

A quick break...

Then it's back to work.
Cynthia: Hellooo! I'm your not-so-secret secret shopper.

Stella: I need something gorgeous for my house but my husband said no more mirrors.
Florence: Well, I have beautiful flowers if you're looking for flowers, and baby cowplants if you're looking for mirrors anyway.

Stop looking at me.
Florence: You stop looking at me.
I'm your god, it's my job to watch over you.

Cynthia: Your shop is lovely and your flowers are not dead, which is always a plus.

Mystery Man: So, does your store have a Twitter?
Florence: Yes, and it's me. Twit twit tweet!

Florence: This would be so much easier if I knew how to play chess.

Darren: What do you think, professor? Should I buy one of those little plants on a tea can for my studio?
I really need to play the Dreamers and drag up his aspiration.

Florence: I could swear I didn't have anything for sale out here.

Florence: I fucked up.

Much better.

And then this guy showed up! I'm so used to burglars after children's birthdays that it was rather a shock to get one in a house with no money bags.

Of course, I'd brought an alarm anyway.
Burglar Ed: Shit.


Bit of an extreme reaction there.
Florence: I want a bigger cowplant.

I sent her to the spa to relax. I think she needed it.

Florence: Mama, just killed a man-I WISH.

Brandi: Boo, you suck, get off the stage.

I don't know why I capped this.

Florence does actually have a gardener, because there's not enough hours in the day to work in the store AND tend the garden, but they were overwhelmed so Florence helped out.

Pretty floral living room.

Oh hey, it's another reporter.

And Florence finishes off the week with some piano. Gosh, that was short.

Right, Riverblossom Hills, finally, where we'll be visiting Tara Kat. Sadly, nowhere near as much work went into her house as the Kims and I hate it.

It would seem I'm not alone.

Anyway, Tara's LTW is to graduate three children from college. Only problem is, her highest chemistry is with this guy, who I'm pretty sure is gay for Cyd Roseland.

The welcome wagon isn't much better, tbh.

So I sent her to the community centre to find a potential babydaddy. Or babymama. I have mods.

Sadly all I found was Cassandra Goth with hair I know I fixed.


Thankfully the cats have started scratching up the posts rather than the rest of the furniture.

Tara: That's right, sleep in your furniture, not mine.

Poker night at Lucky Shack.

Victor: How dare you cheat on me with my wife!
Tara: Well, this is awkward.

Alexandra: I'm not touching that seat, it's filthy. I'll just hover over it instead. Literally.

Samantha doesn't like pet food, so I had to put some people food on the floor and then make Tara yell at her for eating it.
Tara: It's an outrageous waste of bacon.
Samantha: It wouldn't be if you let me finish it.

That's right, eat your mush meat.

I made that tower into a bedroom for Tara and even managed to find a kitty cat duvet set.

Mickey: I wish I could kill real mice.
I have a mod so you can kill roaches. But that would mean roaches.

Alas I don't know of any mod that lets cats sleep on beds with sims, because it would be super cute.

Anyway, Tara has no job and doesn't particularly care about getting one, so I sent Samantha and Mickey out to work.

So Tara gets busy with more important things, like playing with Faline.

And watching daytime TV.

Unfortunately, Samantha came home without a paycheck.

Anyway, the day is getting on and Tara still isn't pregnant, so I sent her out to prowl community lots.

She failed at fishing.

She also failed at finding any potential partners.

Tara: Table for one please.

Waiter: Here is your romantic table for two, for one.
Tara: You don't have to rub it in.

I should really just fence in all the bins.

SLEEP IN YOUR BED. I'm going to look for a 'no autonomous napping on the couch' mod now.

That's better.

Of course, the moment she nodded off, Mickey decided he hated that painting.

Mickey: I'm so stoned right now.

Tara: -And it was built entirely out of diamonds. Had to have been done in creative mode-
Amber: I'm trying to watch the movie here!

Tara: I hope they serve that thing I like.

I also decided to try and find her hobby, so I sent her to the art museum.

Tara: I wish to buy someone coffee. I don't care who. I'm desperate.

Tara: Coffee for my new friend.
Amber: I still don't forgive you for talking during the movie, but this helps.



Tara: To me, one of the most curious things about this piece is its wonderful afunctionalism. Divorced from its function and seen purely as a piece of art, its structure of line and colour is curiously counterpointed by the redundant vestiges of its function. And since it has no call to be here, the art lies in the fact that it is here.

OK, mooching around galleries is fun, but it's not getting you knocked up now, is it? Time to go clubbing!

Tara: No.

OK, Club Dante wasn't exactly hopping. Let's try Crypt O Night Club.

Dance sphere.

She was pretty good at it too. She kept doing this, and for one glorious moment I thought she was going to get abducted by aliens.

And then she fell out.

But that did inspire me to buy her a telescope. Sadly the aliens paid no attention to her.

So I caved and hired a matchmaker.

Tara: I want them to have brown hair. Or black hair. I'm not picky.

Matchmaker: For $200 and a bit of pocket lint, you'll be lucky if they have hair at all.
Hey, if I had any more money I would've spent in on the hacked crystal ball. Cheap customers keep you in business.

Matchmaker: Fine. He has hair. It's even one of the colours you like.

How romantic.

That's better.
Tara: Eh... not sure about that nose. But the baby might inherit mine.
Bloke: What?

Tara: So, um, I suppose I should ask you what your name is?
Bloke: Nobody's ever cared enough to ask me that before!
I should've written it down, I suppose.

She gets a first kiss out of him, which is good.

Tara: Don't worry, you'll always be my babies.
Samantha: I know you're lying.
Tara: I'll buy you all a catnip mouse each.

But as she's now completely and utterly skint, she was forced to get a job.
Tara: I wanted to be a stay-at-home mother.
You can! Just as soon as you save up enough cash to afford a nursery.
Tara: I'm going to miss my baby's birthday.
You haven't got a baby.

Faline: :(
Oops, sorry.

She certainly can't afford a gardener.

Just in case it doesn't work out with that guy.

Mickey: This is amazing, how do they get those people so small?

The aliens aren't cooperating, so I invited Whatshisname Darren over.

And then Photobucket killed this picture too..

Really, Photobucket? That's what you censored? I know they're in their undies, but all the important bits are covered.
In fact, I posted this update, skimmed it for errors and discovered Photofuckit had deleted about half a dozen pictures of the Gieke round, of which only half of them were actually rude. I ended up deleting it so I could add them back in Semagic, so if you're having a moment of deja-vu, that's why. If it carries on, I'll have to look for a new image host. :(

He plays with the cats? That's good, I'm glad I took the time to crack open SimPE and learn his name.

Especially as he's left a little something behind.

Tara: I just got demoted. Not that it matter. I didn't want that job anyway.

Tara: I'm not upset at all, honest.
Of course.

And then she burned her dinner, as if the day wasn't shitty enough already.

Even the cats are starting to mutiny.

Faline: Fuck this sofa.

Tara: I'm sorry I missed your birthday. You're still my bestest baby cutie-wootie kitten cat, OK? So please don't destroy the furniture.

Faline: I'll think about it.

Faline: I thought about it and decided fuck you.

Final single sim of the round is Leod McGreggor. Who is a farmer. Which sounded very familiar to me and I couldn't work out why until I went around my sister's and Peter Rabbit was on TV and I suddenly realised Mr McGregor is the farmer who ate Peter's father. So. I wonder if all the women in this town lusting for his juicy cucumber are aware that he's very likely a bunny serial killer?

Leod: Planting these in midwinter probably wasn't one of my better ideas.

Patricia Wan showed up with the Welcome Wagon, so I invited her in. If I remember correctly, she's one of the few women in this town who isn't after him, possibly because he's one of those douchbags who thinks women wear makeup for him.

Never mind.

Why? I mean, I know most of the world hates Vidcund thanks to the fact that he's the no.1 telescope target, but you don't even own a telescope.

Outing Downtown. Unfortunately, I forgot to clear his relationship panel of random townies so he showed up with various nobodies, cute braids secret shopper and Bella Goth.

They're starting a band.

Leod: So...
Bella: Just ask about aliens. I know you want to.

Leod: Heeeey.

Leod: Feel my leg! So smooth!

Leod: Wait, I don't own a bed, do I?
No, I'm afraid I had to sell it to buy you a shower. Which I am now going to sell so I can buy you a bed.

Yeah, I really shouldn't have planted these in winter. At least they're safe from rabbits?

Leod: They're still alive. Just.

Oh thank goodness. His LTW job isn't showing, the pond's frozen and the ground's too cold to dig, so he has NO MONEY.

So I figure he may as well socialise instead.

Even the scarecrow is socialising.
Penguin: Fish is all well and good, but sometimes I just want to eat fried eggs.

Let's see if we can make some money.
Leod: I'd have more if you hadn't brought me a second easel.

Honestly, I just shocked they're even alive.

Leod: Can't you sell my bed for a bath again?
No, it's depreciated too much.

You'll eventually be able to sell the cucumbers, but I have no idea if you'll make much money from them.

But happily the thaw means he can do some fishing the next day.

And it's a beauty!

He managed to catch a second one.

Then I made him do some digging. It doesn't feel so much like cheating because I can believe he's cultivating the ground for more crops.


Leod: I can buy things!

The scarecrow works.

Despite the ladybird house, some of the cucumbers got bugs so I had Leod break out the pesticide.

And then I decided to invite over some of his admirers.

Betty: -so the first nun said "show her your cross!" so the other nun stood up and yelled "get out the fucking road, Crapula!"

Leod: Help, my wrist's frozen.
Good thing I invited more of your admirers over then, isn't it?

Even the ones who already have boyfriends.

Cleo: So nice to see my roommate getting on with my boyfriend.
He's not your boyfriend.
Cleo: He will be.

And then she rubbed herself all over him, presumably to mark her territory and overwrite Patricia's scent.

Cleo: So when do I get some of your juicy cucumber?
Leod: They're a bit sickly at the moment, but when they're ready, there'll be plenty for everyone.

Cleo: Oh hey, Patricia, but HOW'S GABE?
Patricia: Gabe who?

Leod: What are your thoughts on recycling?
Betty: Personally I'm of the opinion that vintage things are often more reliable and experienced than flighty young women who already have boyfriends-I mean, all these newfangled, flashy things. Old things are best.
Leod: Okay...
Betty: Let's play with your balls.

That really doesn't seem like the best place to do it. The plants are still very delicate.

Leod: I swear, these vegetables have had more love and attention than the average human child.

I even had to hire a gardener to take over all the other yard work.

At least that gave him a little more time to go fishing.

This gif was made for this moment.

I'm sure the rain will deal with it.

Or not.

And finally, FINALLY, the cucumbers live to harvest.

And of course, he gets the gold badge when he's harvested all but two.

They're going to be the best gosh-darn cucumbers you ever tasted though.
Leod: I'm sorry I planted you in midwinter. It'll never happen again.

Cucumber: Apology accepted.

Alas, dinner was a failure.

I sent him out to the museum to entertain me and he decided to spend the whole time playing on the computers instead.

So I made him watch fish.

And chat to Circe Beaker.
Circe: Yes, hello, I had nothing to do with the development of that bug spray so don't come crying to me if there's any side-effects.

Back home, I decided to invite all the ladies over again.
Cleo: I'd like to thank you for your hospitality with a kiss.

Leod: Um, no thanks.

Cleo: Are you sure? Are you really sure?

Leod: Did I fucking stutter?

Cleo: But will you at least allow me to caress your strong, muscular body?
Leod: Well, when you put it like that...
Patricia: OUTTA MY WAY!

Patricia: How very dare you!
Leod: Ow!

Cleo: How about I kiss that better?
Leod: All right then, just this once.

It's probably a good thing that Leod and Patricia's budding romance has withered away, because look who just showed up on Leod's doorstep.
Gabe: Jules told me Patricia was here, I thought I'd pop over and say hi.
Leod: Hi! Next time call ahead.

Leod: Or, you see this thing here? I can receive emails on it. So can email me. When you want to pop over. While Patricia's here.

Impromptu fishathon because it's nice and calm and drama-free.

And Leod finishes off the week by apologising to Patricia.
Leod: I'm so sorry that I 'cheated' on you by allowing another woman to flirt with me. Because cheating is bad and wrong and you shouldn't do it.
Patricia: ...
Leod: And when I say 'you' I mean general hypothetical you, not you personally, ahahahaha.

Next time - even more Riverblossom Hills! God knows when though, because I'm all caught up with picture editing and I have genderswapped uberhood and legacy to play before I get back to this one. So now I'm off to play.

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