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Hello, and welcome back to the Uberhood. Last time I played the extra Capp households, so this time I'm going to play the remaining Monty households.

I decided to play Bianca first and she'd barely moved into her apartment when Regan, the first of many Capp's, pops over to remind her who's boss in this town.
Regan: It's the Capps and don't you forget it or we'll capp you.
Actually I'm pretty sure it's Amber Louie, the lady with 100 businesses-
Regan: It's us.

Bianca has no furniture (I think I moved her out and back in because I forgot to put ceilings in the top floor and apartments hate build mode) so I sent her to Simply The Beds to buy a new bed.

Next stop was Sofa, So Good. I'm so witty.

And finally Techzone because I'm pretty sure her newspaper's already been stolen.

It's not all boring home shopping though, she also got to try out the new ice cream store while hunting for a husband. (She failed.)

Bianca: I can't find anyone online either.

Later that evening, she got invited on an outing with all the cool college kids.

And then she had a drink at home, alone.

Wow, look at that grin. You know why she's so happy? No, get your mind out of the gutter. I'd been struggling with the game for weeks. Remember the flashing pink problem in my Capp update? Since then, my game had been getting crashier and crashier and it was almost unplayable. I was this close to rage-quitting and waiting for TS4 to come out. This shot of Bianca was what greeted me after three solid days of her apartment crashing on loading and I just know she's delighted I didn't give up on her.

I could've lived without more of this though.

Oh, BTW, if you get a boolprop error about an Apartment Controller, don't hit delete. The game will think you haven't claimed an apartment even though your name will still be on the door and you won't be able to leave or look for a job or anything.

Bianca: Just give up and quit without saving. You saved ten minutes ago anyway.
I was hoping it would magically fix itself, but OK.

Hitting Reset did the trick and now Bianca can resume her manhunt.

The only guy she liked was Checo Ramirez, who she can't have because he's married. At least, not until I play his lot and see how he feels about his wife.

Sponge bath in the public loos? Time to give up and go home, I think.

Back home, she entertains herself for a while by playing computer games.

Cornwall: Have a great day at work! Some friends will be waiting for you when you get back!
One great thing about apartments? The landlord automatically sprays the roaches so FUCK YOU.

I've no idea who this guy is or why he's using Bianca's chess set.

Goneril: Haha hope you get flu.
Go away, Goneril. You have quads at home, go take care of them.

Regan: Oh, did someone beat me to it?

I have so many new townies working the owned businesses that I've completely given up on using the matchmaker. I use the crystal ball instead and got Chester Gieke.

Chester: No, don't touch me.

Bianca: Fine, I'll touch Albany instead.
Albany: Ow!

Bianca: And leave my bin alone too!

And then my game crashed HAHAHAHAHA sob.
Bianca: Nope, I still magically remember how you rejected my advances.

Eventually they sat down, shut up and played games together for hours. Must be love.

Chester certainly seems to think so.

Aww fucksticks.

Bianca: I should've realised that politics is no place for morals and ethics.

A date with Chester soon cheered her up and they had their first kiss. Aww.

Which lead to wants for more kisses-
Chester: Wait, wait, I changed my mind!

Mmm, flowers.

The next day, she invited Chester over for a very important reason:


Wait, I mean, she invited him over for another reason too:

Bianca: Chester, now you've knocked me up and helped fill my Have A Baby want, would you do me another favour and help me achieve my Golden Anniversary LTW?
Chester: Eeee oh my God oh my God oh my God!

Chester: Look, it's so sparkly!

Bianca doesn't suffer from morning sickness, but she does have bouts of nausea.

Once she recovered, it was time to head over to Five Rounds Rapid for some Capp deterrent.
Bianca: I'm not going to let those bastards ruin my wedding.


Funky fit face!

Sally Riley: Hey, aren't you one of those characters named after people in plays?
Bianca: Cassandra and Ophelia were in Shakespeare plays too, why is it just us who get hassled about it?

After her swim, she visited What's This Museum, which is the one and only time I will ever regret my nowhatsthis hack.

Seriously, this lot is amazing.

I wish I knew what Erin was buying here. Sometimes I wish I didn't have a hack to prevent playables actually buying stuff, but I know every lot would be financially ruined by the time I got around to them. I guess I could fill everyone's inventories with gold bars and silver coins and leave them a little shopping money, but that's way too much like hard work and I know there'll be that one idiot who still manages to buy fifteen beds. So I guess what I'm trying to say is it'd be nice if only it worked.

This walkby stole Bianca's newspaper, so she ran outside to try out her purchase from Five Rounds Rapid...

Freeze ray!
Bianca: This is the single greatest purchase I've ever made.

This is Bianca's neighbour. She is of absolutely no interest and I don't know why I bothered taking a picture of her. I guess I was still all excited over my game actually working and taking lots of screencaps to commemorate it.

Goneril: What's this? Is that a bunny trapped in the bin? I must liberate it at once!

Bianca: Sorry, I was busy.


Regan: It was like that already.
Bianca: A likely story.

Bianca: I shouldn't find this as hilarious as I do.

Regan: Can't you just let it go?
(Yes, I will be shamelessly ripping off Frozen throughout this whole thing.)

Celebratory pizza.

Regan: Right, where's that bin?
Really? Again? Didn't you learn your lesson last time?

Cornwall: Oh dear, I TOTALLY ACCIDENTALLY tripped over this bin.
Such a shame Bianca's out on a jog.

Bianca: Guess who's home.

Bianca: Wanna build a snowman? I DO.

Cornwall: Perhaps we ought to rethink our bin harassment strategy.

Cornwall: Let it go, let it go.

Cornwall: Can't hold it back any more!

Bianca: Yay, snow! Maybe the weather will freeze all the walkbys so I don't have to.

And Bianca's week ends with her second pop.

Over to the other Monty household. Antonio is like, level eight in his career path and so doesn't have work until the end of the week. Annoying, because they spent all their money on furniture and don't have enough to redecorate and some Capp arsehole stole the paper before he could look for his LTW job. And Mr Humble didn't show up either, for some reason. Hmph.

Still, that means Antonio's there ready to help with homework as soon as the twins get home from school.

Oh farts, I forgot the ceiling in this building too. CHEAT TIME just as soon as they have the money.

Their neighbour is Chester, so Beatrice chats to him for a while.
Beatrice: So when you're my uncle, will you buy me ice cream?

Beatrice and Benedick spend a lot of their free time playing chess, which is rather cute.

They do own a television, but the only person who pays attention to it is Chester. Maybe I should sell it and buy wallpaper.

Chester also stayed for dinner and stole Beatrice's seat.

Beatrice and Benedick: Yay, bed jumping!
Did you guys break the ceiling? Oh wait, no, that's the sky. They can't afford a ceiling yet.

Kent: Haha, got your newspaper!
You guys are seriously making me regret my 'no fatal weapons' policy.

As Antonio can't look for a job (FUCK YOU, KENT), I sent him to the library to make friends while skilling. He might as well aim for promotion if he can't get his LTW job.

I then sent him to the marketplace. I intended to make him work as a barista, but it turns out that doesn't work on owned lots. But the market does have a community vegetable garden and free apples, so he harvested and sold a bunch.

Then it was home in time to help Beatrice with her homework.

They had enough cash for a computer, so I sent them to Malcolm's electronics store, but I forgot he only sells stereos and TVs.

Cashier: I've got no eyebrows.
Fucking business outfits. Great idea, terrible execution.

To the Bluewater Village Micro Mall! Which does sell computers.

They were out later than I intended so Antonio wound up taking a quick food nap.

Daddy and daughter play chess.

I spent all the veggie money already and there's still blank walls, so Antonio tried freestyling for money.


Antonio: So hungry.
You just put food in the oven, idiot.

After a meal, I sent him down the pub, which appears to be the number one hangout for all the local teens.

See what I mean?

Ignore the name popup I capped like a total noob and focus instead upon the fact that my moneymaking plan isn't working because nobody can get to the tip jar.

I guess Klara was really impressed because she stuck around after I moved the guitar just so she could tip Antonio. Thanks, Klara!

Antonio: Yeah, thanks. Now I can afford birthday cakes for my children!

Justin Kim came home with one of them and although nobody got sick, I do have the sneaking suspicion he's incubating lurgy.

Antonio wanted to throw a party, so I invited the entire Monty clan over for the twins birthday.
Albany: Happy birthday. I hope you like roaches.

Cake time!

Teen Beatrice.

And teen Benedick.

And what the hell are you doing here?
Albany: I heard there was cake.
I remembered he'd been kicking the bin over when the party started and wondered if he'd been auto-invited.

Until this happened. I know I didn't invite either of you fuckers.

Kent: I'm a friend of Bianca's, she'll vouch for me.

If you lot ruin the party, I will honestly let Antonio purchase a disintegrator ray instead of a freeze ray tomorrow.

Chester: Do you mind keeping it down? I can't get a wink of sleep.
Chester, firstly, it's 5pm. They're hardly burning the midnight oil here. Secondly, your apartment doesn't even touch this one. How on Earth can you hear the noise!?

Despite the complaints and the Capp invasion, a good time was had by all.

Until this happened! I read somewhere recently that the bag of money from genie wishes/wishing wells increases the odds of a burglary and I suddenly realised that's probably why I've had so many burglars lately. I have a mod that lets children make a wish when they blow out the candles on a birthday cake. They all wish for money, which I don't feel guilty about because I also have the no20khandout mod, so a big chunk on the cash goes to college with them so they don't all have to dig in the dirt for a weeks rent once they graduate. Hence my run of burglars.

Thankfully I've got so used to them alarms are first on the shopping list.

Burglar: Good heavens, how unexpected.

Ugh, my police suck.


And Benedick is just an idiot. Dude, don't. The landlord will deal with it.
Benedick: KILL.
At least put shoes on!

Later, I sent Antonio back to the pub for that creativity point.
Hermia: Don't tell my granddad I said this, but you're actually not that bad.

Puck: Oh look, I've been impaled.

No. 1 teen hangout, you guys.

Albany: Mwahaha.
So gonna freeze your arse.

Thanks, other Monty's! Usually I roll my eyes when I get this because it always seems to be with households that have no other family, but this is one of those occasions where I can totally believe it.

The great thing about visiting owned businesses is that like other community lots, changes aren't saved and so I don't need to go play Amber Louie and restock the freeze ray.

Blue screen of death or broken texture? Either way, I feel your pain, Benedick.
*still suffers pink screen of death*

Antonio: Hey, Kent! Do you want to build a snowman?
Kent: What? Fuck you.

Antonio: How about an ice sculpture then?

Later on, Benedick gets to wield the freeze ray.

And Kent didn't learn his lesson.

Oh, in case you were ever wondering, buying toys from an owned business does not fill the Buy A Toy want. /themoreyouknow

Miranda Capp came over for a visit.

And I think she was followed.

Happily Goneril wasn't able to barge her way inside and interrupt their first kiss.

You might want to stop that, you two.
Benedick: That's a terrible idea, why would we wanna do that?
Well, for starters, it's just good manners to take her on a date first.

Second, your dads are both downstairs, waiting for you.

Beatrice would rather take her chances with aliens.

Tucking your dad in: cute or creepy?
She also went and tucked in Benedick afterwards but I missed taking a picture. I guess she just wants to make sure they're all safe at night.

Benedick is a Romance sim and wanted more dates, so I decided to chance the matchmaker.

It was a stupid idea, of course his date was owned business staff, and I've learned my lesson.

So he asked our Miranda instead.

Benedick: Twirl with me?
Miranda: That's so romantic, of course I will.


Oh excellent, that'll help put your kids through college.

But first, before college, Beatrice would like to get into private school.
Beatrice: *immediately rerolls wants before the headmaster arrives*

And Benedick celebrates by booty calling Miranda. Now they've actually had a date, there's no stopping them.

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Oh gosh, it's all happening, ^_^.

Date: 2014-03-13 08:33 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ajmetz.livejournal.com

Oh gosh, it's all happening, ^_^.

Bless you for not giving up on Bianca.
I've always been rather fond of your smile too, ^_^.
=D It makes me happy, XD.
^_^ *beams*

What on earth is with everyone knocking over the bins though!? XD.

I laughed out loud at the ice twirl / splat comedy moment, =).

Glad your Sims game is still playable and not crashing *TOO* much, [Pink screen of death!? Haven't read that post / Capp update yet, =P], oh master of hacks, ;-). [I won't pretend to understand any of these mods - but it was amusing to see the freeze ray in effect. One must defend their bins! Oh - and the ceiling-less house. Draughty much? ^_^]

Anyhoo...toodle pip! ^_^

Take care, =).


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