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Sorry this has taken so long, I've been concentrating on finishing my genderswapped uberhood, and if you like that sort of thing, you can download it here. But now I have some free time, so here's another update to the Global Legacy. Previously: Insomnia! Incontinence! Insanity! And stuff that doesn't start with 'in' like weddings and death and bright pink graphics of crash. Also we reached a real milestone when England became the first Sim in this household to manage to evade all my murder attempts and die of old age. Bastard.

Canada's husband had a terminal case of stupid in the last update, so he was feeling lonely and wanted to throw a party. As he needs to find a new spouse, I indulged him.

Smustling is like the sim version of Macarena. It never fails to get all the drunks up and dancing.

Turkey and South Italy get their flirt on, but alas, that's as far as they get before the party ends. Oh well.

Oh yeah, the challenge. This week's challenge is an ISBI. Unsurprisingly, Canada is chosen to be my playable sim. However, you may recall that I was attempting to murder my remaining moochers with the Murphy bed. Now I can't command them to do stupid shit, killing them in inventive ways just got harder. Not impossible, mind you... there's still Death By Hail to aim for.

Seychelles: Oh yay, I sure do love jumping in puddles in the hail.

Russia: Me too! This is great, non-fatal fun!
Curses, foiled again.

Hi China.
China: I like the music you've got here. I hope you don't mind listening to it for the next six hours while I haunt the stereo.

Russia: My life stinks.
Hey, look on the bright side. I can't order you to murder yourself with the bed.
Russia: That's not a bright side. That's a slightly less dark side.

China: Would it kill you to clean this place up a bit?
No, but I'm hoping it'll kill someone else.

Oooh, or are you going to do that for me???
China: BOO!
Seychelles: Eek!

Seychelles: A ghost! I'm so happy!
And alive. :(

Right, today is day two of Operation: Hail Assassination. This time, I'm going to lock Seychelles and Russia out of the house while Canada's at work.

Seychelles: Naw, fuck that shit, I'm getting drunk instead.

Meanwhile, Russia refused to step outside, so I had to have Canada yell at him a lot.

Russia: Zzzz.

Seychelles: This should be enough to get me through the day.

Seychelles: So how about this weather, huh?
Russia: Zzzz.
*waits for hail to strike them both dead*

Seychelles: Ooops.
Russia: Zzzz. *+games enthusiasm*
I give up. These two have steel skin or something.

What we need is for that broken cleanbot to break again. Perhaps some puddles will do the trick. The cleanbot doesn't want to clean the ones outside, but I know it'll get the indoor ones.
Canada: Ugh, this bathtub's actually pretty sturdy.

Canada: Well, you certainly broke something.

Was that your revenge? That was your revenge, wasn't it?
Russia: Zzzzihateyouzzzz.

Seychelles: Why don't I have a portrait?
Because you're a moocher. You're lucky you're getting a place in the family mausoleum and that's only because I'm hoping more ghosts=more death.

Speaking of death, did you know that when hail melts, it leaves puddles? And puddles break cleanbots? And weather will get in your kitchen and leave hail all over your floor if you destroy the roof? I know rain would be better, but my last save was from when Canada was at work and I don't want to wait for him to come home and deal with the weather machine.

Did you also know the hail makes lovely little ripples in pool water?

Canada: Why is the roof gone?
I thought I was pretty clear? It's gone so puddles will form on the floor and break the cleanbot which will then spit dirty plates out all over the place and attract flies which will hopefully kill the moochers.

Y'know, assuming they don't kill you first.

Canada: You weren't using those aspiration points, were you?

Damn, Canada.

Greece: BOO!
Russia: Holy-

China: BOO!
Russia: SHIT!
Canada: How nice to see a happy couple doing stuff together.
I'm not even kidding here, they totally tag-teamed him one after the other and yet somehow he's not dead.

Unlike Serbia here.

Seychelles: Why yes, Professor Von Ball, I'd love to come to your seminar on plumbbob theory.
Russia: Would you shut up and let me sleep in the one bed that isn't trying to kill me?


Haha, Canada's nice side took over and he started feeling really bad about the way he's been acting towards his houseguests.

Canada: I just wanted to let you know I'm really sorry I stole your skill points and aspiration points and made you have a breakdown.

Canada: Honest, hand on heart, I'm soooooooooo sorry.

Canada: SUCKER.
So much for that nice side.

She escaped by falling asleep.

Meanwhile Russia entertained himself all day with the bass guitar.

Canada brought Slovakia home from work, but he's not interested in having a water balloon fight, which was going to be my next attempt to create puddles of death.

And then I remembered you could throw them as a prank.

Seychelels: Blublublub!

Grim: Oooh, you might wanna mop that up before it stains.

Seychelles: No, look, there's a little bit left just there.
Grim: Do you seriously want to stay here longer?
Seychelles: Well, when you put it like that, I guess not.

How the hell did Canada get the lots when Seychelles hates his- wait, no!

Grim: Yeah, you're done. Come on.

Russia: I'll fight you every step of the way!

Well, there's no point having an ISBI with just one sim, so I rolled another challenge.

Canada: Right, time to reach enlightenment.

Canada: Ow, my knees.

Hi Latvia! How's the afterlife?
Latvia: Not too bad, I suppose. Better than insomnia.

Today in Things I Didn't Know About This Game: ghosts can get you when you're meditating.

Canada sold it.
Latvia: GRRR.
What's your problem? You weren't even using it when you were alive.

Canada needs a logic point, but he sold the telescope, so I had him do the crossword.

Is that dust?

Ahaha, no, it's fucking smoke!

You couldn't have done this yesterday, could you, you little fucker?

Well, now it's broken, I'm gonna keep it until we get a new vic-er, housemate.

More crosswords.

Aw shit, it can turn itself back on!?

So I locked it in a room. It can stay there and fill the place with rubbish until I'm ready for it.

Slovakia came home with Canada again and they hung out for a while.

Alas, Canada had to meditate and had no time to socialise or clean up, so I made him influence his guest to tidy.

Although there were some bits I was happy for him to leave alone.

Once the cleanbot filled the room, it went into the hallway and started spitting rubbish there too.

Canada: *meditate*meditate*meditate*

Oh yay, cleanbot trash DOES spawn flies!

Cleanbot: Help, I am trapped.
Yes, that's because I locked all the other doors. You've messed up the place enough, I think.

Yes, that's quite enough.

Finally time to repair it.

We're really whizzing through the week here because Canada's schedule is literally meditate, go to work, socialise for an hour, meditate. Here's today's hour of socialisation with Austria.

And today's meditation.

China: Excuse me, you little shit, did you sell my toilet!?
Canada: Possessions are a barrier to enlightenment. You can't take them with you, after all.

China: Oh yeah? Wanna see how much of your inventory goes with you?
Canada: Eek!

Canada needs some skills for promotion, so I took advantage of the community time travel feature and sent him to the gym before his daily meditation.

Russia, if you move in, you're not bringing that with you.

You can't really see it here, but Canada now has magic floaty powers.

Russia: So do I.

Twice in one night! It would be just my luck if Russia killed the only living sim in the house, but happily that didn't happen.


And of course, I'd ordered Canada to throw a party just before I spotted them.

Somehow the party turned into an extermination party.

No, not that sort of extermination par-never mind.

Still, other than kill roaches, there is literally nothing else to do, because Canada sold it all.

That's a joke, right?

Wow, this challenge is really fucking boring. Thank goodness it's the last day.

France: *livens shit up for me*

Canada has learned Teleport.

The combined efforts of the exterminator and the party guests managed to kill most of the roaches, but now there's like a million dead roach bundles in the house and I don't dare switch the cleanbot back on, so first thing Canada did in the morning was hire another butler.

And wouldn't you know it, he's completely stupid.
Butler: Rooms full of roaches? Who cares about that when I can't get into the bathroom to clean it?

So to finish off, here's the heir poll, featuring the five sims Canada has the best relationships with.
Who should Canada marry?
pollcode.com free polls 
But next week, lets hope Canada fears getting married, because the next challenge is:

I'm sorry, Canada. You're screwed.
*grabs popcorn*

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Date: 2014-04-04 02:56 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] captainchaotica.livejournal.com

Your comments are always so hilarious! "Wow! This is great non-lethal fun!" :P I try, but somehow mine are never that pithy.

Also, I didn't know that:
--Cleanbots could get outside a locked room
--Ghosts could get you while meditating
--(Sim)hail made ripples in (sim)water
--A Sim could pretend to apologise, and then slap instead!

(And oh god THE EXTERMINATION PARTY. Black and white Daleks for the win!)

And...what?! Canada, you little brat! I guess it's true what TVTropes says...beware the nice ones!


Date: 2014-04-05 06:50 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] sotnosen93.livejournal.com
Silly Sushigal. Did you think MERE HAIL could kill the country of ice and snow?! Seychelles, on the other hand, I have less excuse for. Maybe she's had a lot of coconuts fall on her head XD

Wow, you're like some sort of evil genius with the lengths you go to get new deaths XD

Is your Greece imported from my Asylum challenge? *shot*


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