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Wow, has it really three months? I'm so sorry. I need to be more timely with these things. Anyway, this update features the Aspir household. Now I did actually Livestream this household back in August (and if you want to watch that, you can find half the video here - sadly the first half just didn't save and the sound is missing for the first few minutes) but this gameplay is from a backup I made so I could stream without pausing to take pictures, so there will some differences.

The Aspir household! Where Elizabeth's ears are being destroyed by her husbands ham-fisted key mashing.

Oh well. First task as always when it comes to households with toddlers: potty training.

Elizabeth: The tedium may kill me.
Oh don't worry, it's going to be a very interesting week.

Let's start by having a look at that magic lamp in Luis' attic.
Luis: Can you make me young and handsome?
Genie: Yes, but that'll be two wishes.
Luis: OK, let's start with young then.

Genie: I SUMMON THEE, OH DEMONS OF STUPIDITY. Also known as puberty.

Luis: I'm ginger!

Genetically, Luis is actually a brunette, and here he is, post-makeover.

Now you may remember in my last Uberhood update, Victor, Elizabeth and Natasha Una showed up at the Bell household and shit went down. So because I'm a terrible person, I had Victor invite Natasha over and sat back to watch the fireworks.

Luis: First let me buy a few bits and pieces.
Geez, fine, get on with it.

Right, where were we? Oh yes, Victor was being creepy with his cousin.
Victor: Cousin once removed, thank you. And I checked. It's not illegal.
That doesn't magically make it not creepy.

This piano is bona fide Sim crack, so it's not too surprising to me when Natasha ditches Victor to bang out some tunes instead of banging something else. I think she's maxed out creativity, so she sounds pretty damn good. Much better than he did.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth rolled a want to do some sewing. I find rolls for crafting stuff tend to roll away, never to be seen again, if I don't fill them fast, so I had her go and make a potholder.

Victor: Oooooh, hello!
Stop it.

Aaaaaand he decided to jump into bed with Natasha instead.

While his wife had a bath in the next room.



Victor: Grrr, I hate when my wife doesn't notice my infidelity.

I made him help Pauline with her toddler skills to atone for being a terrible husband. He can at least be a decent father.

But meanwhile... what's this? If you answered "Natasha and Elizabeth getting real close", you'd be correct. Because why not.

Victor: :(

Luis still enjoys working on his restorable car.
Luis: Not having arthritis in my knees any more is a big plus.

Elizabeth: Can you say 'mummy'?
Pauline: Daddy told me not to talk to you.

Well fine. If Pauline's going to refuse to play nice, Elizabeth will find someone else to play with.

I sent them on a nice, fancy date, but then my game crashed. :(

So when I reloaded, I just made them tickle in the rain for hours instead.

Victor: OH COME ON! My mistress and my wife!?

Victor: How very dare you.
Elizabeth: Lol whatever who gives a fuck.

Victor: I'm so miserable.
Your face doesn't seem to agree.

That's more like it.

Victor's tantrum at catching Natasha and Elizabeth together dropped the date score, but they still had a good time.

Luis: If you're all done macking on my cousin, do you think you could, um, help me with my homework?
Elizabeth: Didn't you already learn this stuff last time you were in high school?
Luis: That was 70 years ago. The details are fuzzy.

I think Victor's beginning to regret his affair.

Victor: -And it turns out I may have been slightly mistaken when I said your mother was planning to behead Teddy.

Victor: I'm sooooooooo sorry I cheated on you with Natasha. OK, your turn.

Elizabeth: Are you serious right now, fuckboy?

With all the domestics going on, nobody was able to do anything for Pauline, so I hired a nanny.
OK, it was because they were all at work/school, but that doesn't sound nearly as entertaining.

I was going to praise her for being competent, but then she buggered off to play on the piano for ages and left Pauline to muck around in the toilet. Ew.

Jeez, what's with bathrooms that make them so much fun to hang out in? My bathroom's boring. I'd rather hang out on the stairs than in the bathroom.

/Pauline cuteness.

I lied, here's more Pauline cuteness. Luis took his granddaughter out to Kiddy Care Castle for a while.

And as it's getting close to her birthday, I sent Luis back out on his own again to buy her a present.

I also sent Victor out to buy her a grown-up bed, but I'm pretty sure the game crashed. I can't recall. It crashed a lot when I was playing this household.

Victor: Hi, none of can be arsed to cook, can we have a pizza?

I somehow didn't get any pictures of the party, but I did get this bit of cheating action, because God knows we haven't had enough of that already.

I didn't take any caps of the headmaster visit? Did I forget to open FRAPs?

Armand: I just got out of a bad marriage, but I wouldn't mind getting you out of one either.
Elizabeth: Cheating makes me so hot.

Pauline avoids all the drama by spending all her spare time on the piano.

To be fair, Luis did have a 70-year head start.

Elizabeth caught the plague from roaches.

Aww shit, I guess they ran off to infect the rest of the neighbourhood.

No, this isn't a glitch in the Matrix, every time I made her eat soup, she'd promptly catch the flu again.

Samantha Cordial came home with someone, so Victor lined up a bunch of ACR wants for her while raging over Elizabeth.
Victor: How dare my wife cheat on me! I'll show her, I'll cheat on her right back!
Harrasing ladies because you're mad at your ex? You're a real catch, Victor.
Victor: I'm not harassing anyone! It's about ethics in videogame journalism!
Samantha: I think I'm just gonna play trains all night long, 'kay thanks.

Good thing the trains are cockblocking him because Elizabeth can't do it. She's STILL confined to her room with plague, despite three bowls of soup.


To celebrate, I had her invite John Mole over for reasons.

Date reasons. And I'm risking community lots again.

Elizabeth: So, mister secret spy guy, is that a telescopic photo lens in your pocket or are you just happy to see me.
John: I'm actually not a spy anymore-
Elizabeth: Shush, you're ruining my James Bond fantasy role play here.

Elizabeth: If you've finished sweeping the room for bugs, you can start sweeping me off my feet.
Looks more like you're the one sweeping him off his feet.

That cleaning point will be from all the sweeping, I suppose.

Luis took Pauline to the park, where she met Sahira Patel, Plague Child. I can't wait to get back to that household and cure her.

Pauline finds the water wiggler and has a great time.

She's quickly joined by Sahira and Dirk Dreamer.

Elizabeth: We're not having another child to save our marriage. If you want one, you're going to have to phone E.T.

Pauline: Mother called the doctor, the doctor said: no more simkids jumping on the bed!

Luis: I'm heading off to college soon and I've heard tuition fees have gone up quite a bit in the past few decades. Any chance of some cash?
Genie: I can give you about 20k. That should cover... the first term?

You could throw the manky old food away.
Victor: Nah, I'm just gonna eat some crisps.

Thanks, John! I might give that to Luis to take to college.

Speaking of college, here comes the college-fund-money-wish burglar, right on schedule. And I forgot to buy an alarm.

Burglar: Ho ho ho! Or as I'm doing a reverse Santa here, should that be oh, oh oh?

Luis managed to call the cops, who came in with an ATTACK HUG.


The next morning, Elizabeth doesn't have work, so she sews for a few hours...

...And then heads off to the library to look for her dream job.

Damn, Pauline. So young to be thinking such murderous thoughts.

She works out her aggression with a game of chess against Xander Roth.

Pools! In my dabbles with TS4, I have missed you. Not as much as toddlers, but still.

Elizabeth is also pretty happy that pools are here to stay.

And Pauline gets rid of the last of her anger with a quick game of football with Romeo Monty.

Back home, the reality of the burglary hits Elizabeth.
Elizabeth: That mask was fugly, but it was OUR fugly mask.

Natasha: They caught the guy and gave you a reward, why not just buy another one?
Elizabeth: That's not the point! ...Plus it was REALLY fugly.

With his genie cash converted into gold bars, it's time for Luis to head off to college. Bye Luis!

Natasha and Elizabeth don't miss him at all.

Jodie Larson comes over for some reason and Victor instantly tries to tap that.

Pauline wisely vacates the living room. Although I'm not sure taking over the bedroom is much of an improvement.

Saying that, nobody else seems to have much interest in the bedroom, while Jodie and Victor are getting on quite well, they're not at that stage yet, and Natasha's just having fun bashing out mood music on the piano.
Natahsa: La la la... Oh, hey, didn't see you there, guess what I just did? Had sex, undressed, saw her boobies and the rest...

And the week ends with Victor apparently taking up his wife's earlier suggestion to get alien pregnant.

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Date: 2014-10-28 01:47 pm (UTC)
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My goodness! :o this household certainly got up to some hi-jinks. Poor Pauline ^^;;;


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