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Hello, and welcome back to the Uberhood! It's nearly three years since I started posting these updates and I still haven't managed a full rotation. Damn. Still, I complete my final year of university in a few months, so I'm going to celebrate by knuckling down and playing all the unplayed households. But for now, let's visit Belladonna Cove.

A quick makeover for the Cleveland's ends with Marissa accidentally flashing her undies for all and sundry. Not that she seems to mind.
Marissa: Like what you see?
Landlord: Uhhh...
Marissa: Keep staring and I'll start asking for a discount on the rent.

Marissa wants to join SimCity's growing criminal empire, so the Humbleputer is immediately installed and put to work.

Back when I played the O'Mackey household, Justin found himself summoned by the matchmaker as a blind date for Jules. The date itself wasn't all that great, but it turned out they were very into each other on a physical level. So the first thing Justin did was invite her over to check out their apartment.
Jules: Very nice.
You haven't even seen it.
Jules: I was talking about the makeover.

Jason eventually managed to drag him away from Jules long enough to do homework.

Jules: Babe! You were gone so long! Gimmee a hug!
Justin: As long as you promise to never call me 'babe' again.

Looks like they're happy with the place.

Jason? You just gonna let that burn?
Jason: I'm busy. I have pizza.

Marissa: This wasn't what I meant when I asked you to watch the stove.

Breaking in the new bed.

They look like one of those annoying couples who do everything together, don't they?

Back home, Marissa drools over local celebrity, Robert Kim.
Marissa: Ooooh, he was so dreamy in episode eleven.
You're a married woman.
Marissa: You're right. JASON! Come out here and perv over celebrities with me!

The shower broke, so they asked the landlord to repair it. He immediately moved in for three days.
Landlord: Quality control. Gotta check it works.

Not that Marissa and Jason care, they've got bonin' to do.

Marissa: Look, we appreciate the repair, but you seriously need to go now.

Justin went out skilling and met Heather Huffington.

Aaaaaand Marissa lost her job.

Marissa: It was pretty cool though, there was an epic car chase and I would've got away if the cops hadn't shot out my tires.
Geoff: That's great sis, tell me more when you've put some clothes on.
Marissa: Oh, I can't get dressed yet, I'm waiting to use the shower.

Landlord: I warned them. I fucking warned them.

I just hope he doesn't intend on trying to move in again,
Marissa: Oh my goodness! My business suit completely hides my baby bump!


Landlord: This is so unfair. Why does she get to sleep?
She lives here.

Geoff comes round again. I'm going to assume Marissa called him to help Jason evict the landlord.


Jason: It's OK everyone, the shower works now.
Jules: Wow, I did not need to see that.

She hid in the hot tub for the rest of the evening.

I sent Justin out to meet people. Not much else happened.

He also introduced himself to Vivian Riley when she came walking past.

Turned out to be a good thing! Vivian's had a kid, she'll know what to do.
Landlord: Lol I live here now.

Excuse me, we're busy.

Yeah, you deal with that, I'll check out the baby.

It's a baby! No name, because of reasons.

She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (well, She-Who's-Name-I-Cannot-Recall) then yucks up on Justin in protest.

Jason wanted to go skating.

I forgot that rink was a roller rink, and Jason specifically wanted to go ice skating, so I sent him to another rink.

And in no time at all, No-name's birthday rolls around.

Aww. Isn't she cute? Shame we'll never see her again, because this was played around the time I made a Guy Fawkes picture of the Capp household. I'd backed up the hood and moved them all in so I could control them more easily... and then forgotten to restore my backup and played four days of the Clevelands that now no longer exist. OOPS.

Oh well, rewind. Jason Larson came over and I remembered that Jason (the other Jason) is supposed to be gay, not that you'd ever know it unless you go poking through chemistry data on SimPE... but that's a rant for another day. Where was I? Oh, yeah, I decided you don't just become not gay by having a wife, so I had Jason flirt with Jason and the name Jason now longer holds any meaning for me.

Jason: I'm confused too. How can the oven be on fire when I already took the food out?

Good thing the Landlord finally moved out, because this time Marissa and Jason are going for multiples. Why is it always the families in the really titchy homes?

Marisaa: Kissy kissy!
Richard: I can see right up your nose.

And this one is Elaine.
Landlord: You're not putting those in my room.
You don't have a room. You don't live here. Nobody asked you to be here. Go away.

So of course he's still hanging round hours later when Justin throws a party and invites all the teens he knows.
Landlord: I'm supervising.
Oh good, you can make sure Lilith and Angela don't try and kill each other.

Not that he really needs to, Angela spent most of the party playing rock, paper, scissors with Tara DeBateau.

Justin: That had better not be my dad's beer.
Bottom: No, it's your mum's.

Tara: If he owns my building too, I'm asking my dad to get me a restraining order for my birthday.

Birthday time for Elaine.
Jason and Marissa: Where did he get that pizza from?

Aww, she's cute.

Richard's birthday next.

And he grows into my most hated toddler outfit. UGH.

And the week ends with Elaine creepily watching her parents sleep. I don't care what all the romance novels say, that shit is creepy. When children are involved, you're moving into creepy spooky horror territory.

Over to the Green household! Where Chastity Gere is a terrible cook.
Chastity: Why couldn't you just let me get takeout like I wanted?

Gabriel got invited Downtown.

I really need to change Nina's hair.

Chastity: You'd be great in movies. we should totally make a movie together.

I do love this club, but alas, everyone wants to look at the fish and can't because the booth seats are in the way. I really should go and put some walk-through blocks in there and see if that helps.

Gabriel: This is so cool, we can see for miles up here!
Chastity: I'm freezing.

Gabriel: FART.
Chastity: ...I'm not hungry any more.

I'd forgotten that Chloe Curious had a date with Gabriel waaaay waaaaay back in October 2012, but I did remember that she wants 20 simultaneous lovers, which coincidentally, is the same LTW as Chastity. So I invited her over.

Gabriel: Hey babe! How have you been the past two years?
Chloe: Not too bad, moved out and had a baby.

Gabriel: Would you like another one? Consider it a housewarming gift.
Chloe: Hahaha NO.

She's got a gift for him though.

Gabriel: GERANIMO!

Chastity: Hi, I'm Chastity, nice to meet you.
Chloe: Ooooooh, I hope you're nothing like your name.

Well. Time to start on that 20 lovers LTW. And I decided to start off nice and easy with Carlos Contender.
Chastity: +8000 Oh thank God, I thought that dry spell would never end.

And she celebrates by getting Carlos to help break in the bed.

Natasha Una came strolling by and I had Chastity greet her too because Natasha dsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Captions are now provided by my cat.

Whatever, we all know what Chastity wants from Natasha.
Natasha: Oh wow! Hey, I can do that too, but with grilled cheese sandwiches!
Chastity: ...Um, OK.

Meanwhile, Gabriel is out at the park, telling bad jokes.
Gabriel: What do you call a fly with no wings? A walk!
Haha. OK, that one's funny.

Gabriel: Isn't he cold?
Stripper: Excuse you, I am smoking hot.

I got bored of waiting for his dream job (Medicine) to show up, so he then went to check the jobs board at the library.

He'd brought some chicken wings from the little diner and shared them at the library. Incredibly, he doesn't get caught and thrown out.

Dammit game, he only got the job ten minutes ago.

I sent Chastity to Malcolm Landgraabs store to buy a mobile phone but I forgot there isn't actually a kiosk there. Ah well, she can introduce herself to Malcolm, see if he wants to act out any rich playboy fantasies with her.
Chastity: Hi, are looking for your Ana Steele?
Malcolm: What? No.
Chastity: Oh thank God.

Still on our fetch quest for a phone, so I sent her to the Bluewater Village Micro Mall. Again, I forgot there was no kiosk there, but Chastity leapt at the chance to flirt with local mogul Amber Louie, who's even richer than Malcolm.
Chastity: Oooooooooh, is it hot in here or is it just us?

Amber isn't impressed.
Amber: I don't fraternise with peasants.
Chastity: Your loss.

I eventually remembered there was a kiosk in Hans Trapdoor Co. Hurrah!

She decided to have lunch while she was there and the staff were very attentive.
Staff: We're banned from all the other lots, we want to make the most of our screentime.

I wish Gabriel and Chastity were as dedicated to entertaining me.

Dinner on the roof top, how thrilling.

I decided to make Gabriel hunt for aliens. An alien baby would certainly liven things up around here.

Gabriel: Noooooo!

Meanwhile Chastity worms her way back into my good books by seducing Natasha Una.


Chastity: Dear diary. My to do list now includes Isabel Baldwin.

Gabriel didn't bring home any souvenirs, so I made him try again.

Then I made him go shopping. He remains uninteresting.

Ah well, once he'd gone to work, I had Chastity invite Chloe over for a date.

Chloe: Wow, it's lovely! I had to sell all my old flowers to afford wallpaper.

And then they retired to bed.

The date ends just in the nick of time.

Not that Gabriel even notices Chloe sneaking out of the house, he heads straight to the roof for some alien action.


Gosh! Looks like the aliens have been experimenting in new ways!

I so wanted to do this, but the action kept dropping out of the queue. I later realised that when I'd installed Almighty Hat's "Fairies at the Bottom of the Garden" multi Ideal Plantsim mod, I'd forgotten in install the actual sim files. Whoops.

Chastity: Ugh, my nightgown's soaked.
Well, if you will go repairing the sink in your jim-jams...

If he can't have plantsim babies, he might as well sod off back up there and try for alien babies.

And while Gabriel's being probed, I decided to send Chastity to the tinkering hobby lot to make friends.

There was no-one interesting there so I made her tinker instead. (Ugh, open ceiling, I wish I knew how to get rid of them.)


Gabriel: Ow.

No jingle. I sent him back.
Gabriel: Wait, I'm not ready!

Gabriel: Ow.
You'd think by now, he'd get better at disembarking.

Ah well, he may not have returned with an alien spawn, but he did get de-plantsimmed up there.
Gabriel: Wow, my libido's come flooding back and daaaaamn, Chastity looks better than ever!
No. Well. Not until she's got 19 other lovers.

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Date: 2015-02-06 07:30 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] bolob.livejournal.com

Yeah...not a big fan of apartments really :p

Oh, at first when I saw Gabriel as a plantsim I thought you had the 'Alien Xperimentation' mod in where your sim can be turned into a plantsim or a warewolf XD

Ugh...hate that 20 lovers ltw, but kudos for you doing it! Keep on keepin on! And yes, losing game progress sucks! XD


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