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This would've been up sooner, but I was seized by an overwhelming desire to make all my sims dresses top only. So far I'm halfway through the child category. Ah well! On with the update!

And we're off to an interesting start already as the oven burst into flames, right in the middle of Austria and Lemon's game of leapfrog.

Austria's way more freaked out about the situation than the cat is.
Lemon: What's the fuss about? It's all nice and toasty and warm.

But we can't waste time letting Austria play with fire, it's time to go spouse-hunting. Last time you all ignored my subtle hints to vote for NyoEngland and chose Switzerland as Austria's new husband.
Switzerland: You sure do have a lot of gnomes.
Austria: We had more, but they got stolen. So every night, my children and I roam the neighbourhood, stealing them back.
Switzerland: Oooh, that actually sounds like fun.

Won over by the idea of gnome-theft by moonlight, Switzerland agrees to a date and a kiss.

Oh. And a photobooth shag.

You must really like stealing back gnomes.
Switzerland: You gnow it.

Sex, sex in a car, BFFs, engagement. All the right wants.

Oh hey, it's Hallie! You all remember Hallie, right? She's come home from school with one of the boys and I'm really hoping she'll continue to entertain me.

But first!
Switzerland: Gasp!

Switzerland: It almost looks real.

Hey, how dare you!? What happened to the security bot? You should be toast by now.

Oh bum, it's on the blink.

Austria had to cut the engagement celebrations short to fix it before it electrocuted everyone.

Switzerland: Yeow! I thought you fixed this thing!
Austria: I did. You're supposed to steal them from everyone else, not us.

So in order to avoid further mishaps, I had them get married ASAP. Aww. Don't they look nice?

It's a shame they were the only ones who bothered to dress up.

Switerland: Sweet, no more fiddling with other peoples offshore bank accounts, I can open my own instead!

So here's Switzerland's LTW. It's another job-related one, which is fine with me.

Looking for that job can wait though, because I'm sending the happy couple off on a honeymoon.

Austria: Birds.

Whatever, who gives a shit when there's honeymoon sex to be had?

They only stayed one day because I didn't feel like playing a whole vacation, so this is the only other picture. But they had a great time.

Anyway, it's time to get cracking on with this weeks challenge, which is to have a sim get constantly abducted by aliens. I chose Slovenia, partly because I wasn't sure how long it would take to marry in Switzerland, partly because I don't know how long Austria will be sticking around and partly because I've got Boiling Oil's Alien Experiments mod in and I think it would be a good idea to try it on someone who isn't part of the main legacy line.

Slovenia: Whoa whoa whoa, wait a second, I want to hear more about this alien experimentation mod!

I don't know who this is or why he's just slapped Austria.
Austria: Neither do I!

Switzerland kisses it all better.

Welcome home, Slovenia!

I don't know what Vienna did to bring on the lecture, but whatever it is, he looks rather ashamed of himself.

Switzerland: Urp, I think I ate something dodgy.

Heh heh heh.

Introducing Slovenia, the amazing space yo-yo!

The security bot broke down again and Brittania took his chance and stole a gnome.

And then I noticed the urns were missing. Shite.

To make matters worse, I couldn't find FYR Macedonia on the Summon menu anywhere. I knew she wasn't completely lost cause because everyone remembered her dying, and eventually, I managed to get her back with the Hoodchecker.

When I got back in the game, the newly-repaired securitybot managed to stop Prussia from making off with any more gnomes.
Prussia: Ow!

And so you're back! From outer space! I just walked in to see you here with that sad look upon your face!
Slovenia: It's more of a pained look.

Pretty sure I'd sent Slovenia back into space at this point, so Switzerland and Austria made the most of their alone time and had sex in the hot tub.

I really should train her out of it, but honestly, it's about the only think stopping the teens getting constant F's.

In other news, this challenge is getting surprisingly dull. I don't know why, but nothing's happening to Slovenia up there, so I've decided to dezombie him and see if I can't at least get an alien baby out of this.

Unfortunately, I'd got him into platinum aspiration by fulfilling a bunch of his stupid 'buy shit' wants, and then when I sold them all again, it tanked back down to green, so I couldn't risk the potion.
Slovenia: And here's an idea, why not make a NEW zombie at the same time!

So the aliens got to play with zombies a little longer.

Yay, my ghosts are back!
China: We were resting in peace.

France: Rawr!
Switzerland: A ghost! How fascinating!

Aliens - still boring.

And Austria completes his LTW and earns eternal happiness until I kill him.

Austria: I'd be happier if this lot could turn the damn volume down!

Slovenia started rolling 'buy shit' wants again, so here's his corner of crap.
Switzerland: How many sofa's do you think he'll ask for?
Austria: Enough to fill the entire garage, I expect.

Aliens: Whoops, we stalled the ship.

I noticed we had a whole bunch of fruit and veg just sitting in Austria's inventory, probably handed down from Greece, so I made Switzerland whip up some eggplant juice.

And speaking of juice, Slovenia finally cheered up enough to suck down that dezombification potion.

Slovenia: Wait, I don't think I'm ready for this.

Aliens: Hey, we fixed your broken zombie for you!
AHAHAHAHA fuck you.

Happily he still had enough aspiration points for another one.

Ottawa: I'm going to get fit.
Knowing sims and exercise bikes, you're going to get dead.

And so is Switzerland, because he insists on carrying every single meal over to the pool island.
Switzerland: I like it here.
That's nice, I'll put your grave in the middle, shall I?

Well, at least he's not dead.

Oh, and Switzerland's pregnant. I missed all his pops thanks to constant aliens queue-stomping everything, so here's a short of his bulgy belly.

Austria: Argh!
Latvia: Be careful with scissors!

Switzerland: Yeek! Another ghost!
Austria: Yeah, that happens a lot here.

Switzerland got scared away from the easel about five times before I could finally get these two to stay still long enough to paint Austria's portrait.

And here's the finished work of art.

Vienna: Damn securitybot broke again!
I blame alien interference.

Butler: Ow.

So, uh, remember when I couldn't find FYR Macendonia? I ran Hoodchecker and found out her grave was in limbo, so I told it to redeliver the grave home. But I still couldn't find it. However, I now knew she was in the Townie family, not the Default family, where dead sims usually go. And I respawned her grave.

And then I found her other grave by the cowplant. OOPS.

Austrada:I guess we've got graves to spare then.

Austrada: TAKE THAT.

Slovenia: Noooooo, I just got dezombied!

So you may have noticed that Austria achieved his LTW and is still alive. Don't worry, he's working on making plants of death at every opportunity.

Slovenia: Hiiiiiii nice securitybot! Zap me and I'll sic a swarm of bees on you.

Securitybot: I'm a robot, I'm immune to bees.

Slovenia: Can't they just send a cab for me?

Enough of aliens, it's baby time!
Switzerland: IT HURTS!

Switzerland: Witness the miracle of childbirth!
Slovenia: I've been on an alien spaceship all week, your mpreg doesn't impress me.

Slovenia: But congratulations on your butt baby anyway.

I don't know if he's shocked about his new baby or whether a ghost got him.

I locked the door to the mausoleum to stop any more urn smashing so Austrada stomped on all the flowers instead.
Austrada: Fuck these flowers and fuck those flowers and fuck ALL the flowers.

Oh hey, it's Hallie again!

Vienna: So how does that feel?
Hallie: Ooooooooh, so good.

Austrada: Want to copy them?
Cania: Mmm, yes, backrubs are good.

Vienna and Hallie: Wheee!
Thank God, Austrada and Cania don't copy that too.

Switzerland wanted to become a werewolf, so I let him. Werewolves are always fun.

Austria doesn't get much of a chance to pet his hubby's new furry pelt though because he's quit work in order to become a full time florist.

Austrada: You're so hot.
Hallie: Thanks, your brothers think so too.

Austria: So how was your day?
Switzerland: I became a werewolf.

Switzerland: But not right now.
Austria: Oh thank goodness. Don't want all that fur clogging up the jets.
Switzerland: Oh I don't know, I've got something I can clog your jets with.

Hallie: Don't even think of trying that line on me.

Austria and Switzerlands underpants aren't the only thing going up and down all night long.

Austrada: So what do you think of these jets, huh?
Hallie: They feel all oooh-what's that noise?

Cockblocked by aliens. I'm not really sure what they did, probably fiddled with his personality.

China: Boo!

Switzerland: I don't know why you're complaining about me staying here, I'm safe from the ghosts.
Well maybe I don't want you to be safe from the ghosts!

Did you stay there all night?
Switzerland: Well yeah, the ghosts were angry.

And no wonder - some shit's been smashing urns again. Grr!

Slovenia: Again!? Really!?

Aww, he's missing Switzia's birthday.
China: I'll fill in for him. It's ages since I've been to a party.

Cania: Yaaaaaaay birthday!

PC: Nah, don't like her outfit.

Cania: Ew, she stinks.

I was tired of Austrada stomping all the flowers, so when he finally rolled a sensible wish (to make a wish, no less) I let him wish for friends.

Then they all immediately abandoned him to check out the aliens.

And again.

Slovenia: Is there a spell to keep aliens out of my ass now?
No spell, but luckily for Slovenia, it's now very early Tuesday morning and he no longer needs to spend his evenings in space. Yay!

So it's back to mundane activities such as toilet training.

And Austria continues to spend all his free time crafting the tools of his own distruction. Mwahaha!

Hmm. Well Cania's the eldest female sim, but I don't have InTeen anymore. What I do have is same-sex pregnancy mods though, so it's going to be an interesting week for one lucky man. See you next time!

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Date: 2015-04-18 09:15 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] captainchaotica.livejournal.com
Well, of COURSE we voted for Switzerland! Fuck prettiness when there's actual canon interaction and/or chemistry to be had. :P That always makes for way more interesting pairings.

Also...are you reaaaaallly sure you want QUADS again? Remember what Nyo-England and Austria spawned last time!
(Funny...in both our games, it was an England that had quads. I know he's obsessed with making little colonies everywhere but _jeebus_!)

Poor Slovenia. The last zombie I had in my game had it much better...he got to make out with the Bachelorette in the hottub. I'd install that Alien Experimentation mod, except that I'm afraid my current telescope mod isn't even working--nobody will go near the thing unless I force them, most of the time.




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